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Ashes Fallen invite us to walk hand in hand "At The End Of All Things"

California based goth rock trio Ashes Fallen releases the dark ballad "At The End Of All Things", out on December 2nd!

Ashes Fallen hails from Sacramento, California and they have been sharing their powerful hard gothic rock tunes since 2019 and their S/T debut album. With their own trademark sound combining trad goth rock influences, post-punk melodies blended with heavy guitar riffs and a beautiful voice, the trio, has already given us two strong full length albums.

A while before the end of 2022 Ashes Fallen releases the new single "At The End Of All Things", a unique gothic rock, ballad style melody. Starting in low tempo a tense is being built until the strong chorus and the rock guitar solo. A song written for the uncertainty of our times and the importance of having someone standing by your side, even in the worst periods of time. James Perry says “I wrote this song for my wife. It’s about standing together even as everything’s falling apart around us.” (Spill Magazine)

The trio, consisting of James Perry (lead vocals, guitar, bass guitar), Michelle Perry (keyboard, percussion, vocals, art direction) and Jason Shaw (guitar), has strengthen their sound during the years and the future will definitely bring really great thing for Ashes Fallen.

"At The End Of All Things" single comes with a remix from G.W. Childs IV, known from several collabs with Cleopatra Records artists and COP International, giving a different view of Ashes Fallen story, adding more electronic parts. 

"At The End Of All Things" is available digitally at https://ashesfallenmusic.bandcamp.com/album/at-the-end-of-all-things






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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