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Video Pick: The Man & His Failures - Lethe

The official video for the powerful "Lethe" by The Man & His Failures!

"Lethe" is the latest single release by the Greek dark, goth, electro, alternative project The Man & His Failures! "Lethe" is a relentless assault of pulsating beats, gritty synths, and deep, dark vocals, making it a standout example of the progress and of what will follow from the Athens based trio. 

From the moment "Lethe" kicks off, you're thrown headfirst into a whirlwind of electro-dark, EBM sounds and driving rhythms. The pounding bassline, coupled with the dynamic percussion, creates a sense of urgency and momentum that propels the track forward with ruthless force. Manos Karakatsanis's vocals are delivered with a raw intensity that perfectly complements the dark aesthetic of the music, and the industrial soundscape as well.

"Lethe" comes with sheer energy and aggression, grabbing the listener from the very first note, building to a powerful climax that leaves you exhilarated. Production-wise "Lethe" is  raw, beautifully adopting the industrial dynamics and the dark alternative aesthetics. Every sound feels flawlessly crafted, from the strong synth lines to the pounding drum patterns, resulting in a haunted sonic landscape.

The time has come for this banger to have its official video depicting the agony and the raw power of the instrumentation and the song. The video is capturing  imagery of people, streets and a live footage from The Man & His Failures in a blue tone sepia.

Lyrics: Manos Karakatsanis

Music: Alekos Sorros / Dimitris Vlasopoulos / Manos Karakatsanis

Recorded & Produced by Panos Tsekouras / The Man & His Failures at Top Floor Studio.

Motion Video by Antonis Ntinos

Footage by Cottonbro Studio

Additional footage by Irini Tiniakou of Incirrina, filmed at Death Disco club, Athens, 2023

Color Graded with Cinegrams LUTs

VFX with Red Giant






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