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Video Pick: Night Nail - Crack In My Heart ft. Luna De La Torre

Dark atmosphere in black and white in Night Nail's new official video, "Crack In My Heart"!

Berlin based dark wave, goth rock project unveiled their latest official video for the single, "Crack In My Heart", taken from their last album "Fates Explained", released on November 17th, via Metropolis Records! "Fates Explained" is the third full length work for the melancholic dark rockers including beautiful gloomy sounds and songs creating a haunting ambience throughout the LP.

"Crack In My Heart" is one of the deepest moments of "Fates Explained", along with closing track "Antipathy". A truly dark composition with low-tempo deep drums, slow paced guitar riffs that accompanies the strong, lugubrious bass lines and the sobbing vocals. The video for "Crack In My Heart" depicts, perfectly, the atmosphere of the track, recorded in black and white by Jean Westrick featuring Luna De La Torre.

"Berlin's NIGHT NAIL has just released their latest video for the haunting ballad "Cracks In My Heart," that features Luna De La Torre and was masterfully created by Jean De Oliveira and Jean Westrick. "Cracks In My Heart" is from the album, "Fates Explained" which was co-produced, mixed, and mastered by Pete Burns (Kill Shelter) with additional contributions by Valentina Veil (VV & the Void), Justin Deactivere and Ilija Gavrilenko. The album "Fates Explained" is available from Metropolis Records on CD, limited edition colored vinyl and on all digital and streaming platforms."





If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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