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Video Pick: Dead Astronauts - Forgetting me

Dead Astronauts released their first single, "Forgetting Me", out of their new album.

Synth-wave, dark electro-pop Dead Astronauts returns this year with this excellent new single. After a line-up change in 2019 with Florence Bullock taking over the female vocals and Dead Astronauts redefine their sound with "Forgetting Me". Dead Astronauts sound is completed with the addition and contribution of Slade Templeton from Crying Vessel in the production. 

"Forgetting Me" is taken out from their long-anticipated new full length album, "Silhouettes", coming out in 2021 via Cold Transmission. The new single balances between the synth wave sound of Dead Astronauts previous releases and the darker side of their tunes, making obvious the influences and the "touch" of Slade. While the Seatlle based project remains focus to the emotional electronics and pop synth sound the new single will definitely become one of the dark synth, dark wave best new releases. Furthermore, vocals moving into coldness, totally fit to the story and the lyrics narrated in "Forgetting Me" and the incompetence of love.

Official video constitutes a perfect represantation of the mood and the atmosphere of the story, and created by director and editor Michael Williamson, cinematographer and colorist Michael Tessari,  camera assistant, Tim Carlier and starring Erin Fowler, Caleb Sawade, Patrick O'Leary, Scott Van Manen and Benjamin Rice.

"Forgetting Me" is out since October 28th from Cold Transmission, including the same titled track and the "Missing Person" remixed by Mecha Maiko.








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