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Video Pick: Mechanimal - Red Mirror

Mechanimal releases a for "Red Mirror" taken from their new single, "White Flag".

The Greek, dark Industrial, post-punk project of Giannis Papaioannou, Mechanimal has just released a new single, titled "White Flag". "Red Mirror" is the second song out of "White Flag" and comes with an official video release. This is our pick these days.

Mechanimal formed back in 2011 and released their same titled first full length album in 2012. Their sound was a blend of pure industrial landscapes with dark synth elements. Since then, Mechanimal released two more full length albums, "Secret Science" in 2014 and "Delta Pi Delta" in 2016. 

Throughout these years Mechanimal has adopted many different elements in their sound, composing an creating a dark and emotional atmosphere. Additionally, several artists has joined the project since its birth and everyone gives his/her view of darkness, always following the main idea of the man behind this project, Giannis Papaioannou.

"White Flag" is the single released on June 21st, and is the first "taste" of Mechanimal's upcoming fourth full length album. In "White Flag" we find two new songs, "Easy Dead" and "Red Mirror". Both songs are keeping the basic elements of Mechanimal with the dark wave and industrial sound, but this time someone could feel that Giannis Papaioannou is now leading the project to some post-punk paths. Vocals in "White Flag" by Freddie Faulkenberry, while there are guitar riffs in both songs, by Jimmy Polioudis on Easy Dead and George Theofanidis on Red Mirror.

Our pick this time is video with a dark mood, combined with some distorted visuals and effects, matched perfect with the vocals and the sound of "Red Mirror".

Check Mechanimal and the "White Flag" single in the following links.





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