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Video pick: Sonsombre - The Future Is Black

Sonsombre 's official video for the "Future Is Black" single.

Sonsombre is about to release the second full length albun on June, 1st, "The Veils of Ending"! Here is the third single out of the new album, "The Future Is Black"

"The Veils of Ending" is an album that is expected with high anticipation since the day Sonsombre announced it. Sonsombre and Brandon Pybus is one of the bands / projects that still keep the feeling and tense of Old School Gothic Rock bands of the 90's, while he delivers really "fresh" sound and gothic hits that reminds of some of the gothic's greatest releases of the past. I had the chance to speak with the multi-instrumentalist and singer, the man who has been involved with music from his childhood, in late 2018, while he was still preparing "The Veils of Ending". You can read what Brandon Pybus told about music, life and everything in our interview here.

"Sonsombre is the band/project of Brandon Pybus from Northern VA, USA. Brandon is a musician lover since he was a child and he is involved in several projects. Sonsombre is his gothic self, reflecting all his pure gothic influences, coming from some of the greatest gothic rock bands of the last 30 years. He is carefully adopting the elements he loves and the result is, in my humble opinion, absolutely emotional gothic and dark. "

On May 4th, Sonsombre released the first official video from the new album. It is a video for the third single, taken out from "The Veils of Ending", with the title "The Future Is Black". "The Future Is Black" is an Old School Gothic rock song, with powerful guitar riffs while the 90's gothic rock scene influences are obvious. Deep, dark and strong vocals makes the atmosphere even more anxious and haunting. An absolute gothic rock dancefloor hit.

Really looking forward to Sonsombre's new album, "The Veils of Ending", with the release date to be announced for June 1st. "The Veils of Ending" will be out from Oskar Terramortis’ Post Gothic records.







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