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Velvet Acid Christ - The goth side of industrial music | Interview

Velvet Acid Christ have made their name synonymous to haunting dark electro. An interesting chat with VAC!

One of the bands that really deserve a place in the history of dark electronic music and industrial is, the US based, Velvet Acid Christ. Having their roots in early 90's and influenced from some of the greatest industrial, EBM, gothic bands of this period and the 80's, Velvet Acid Christ created their own unique path and music style. Aggressive and upbeat in some moments, sad and depressive in other and, even, touched by a goth hand in other.

The band of Bryan Erickson became quickly famous, even in Europe, in the mid 90's, and had shown up in the biggest gothic, industrial festivals around the world. Velvet Acid Christ count 14 full length albums, each one of them expressing a variety of dark feelings. Haunting vocals are always, beautifully matched with dark electro wave tunes and sounds, industrial techno beats and heavy guitar riffs. 

This year, Velvet Acid Christ return with a great new full length, "Ora Oblivionis", marked by the use of the early VAC music style, the one that made Bryan's band so much loved by the dark industrial fans. In case you haven't hlistened to it, I suggest you do it now, while reading this article. Not only this, last summer, Velvet Acid Christ released a remastered edition of a classic album, "Have Fun With Knives".  Danceable, aggressive, spooky are some of the words that has been characterized this album. But after all, that was always the case with Velvet Acid Christ. Stunning electro beats and dark, gothic ambience.

I am very happy to present you Velvet Acid Christ and Bryan Erickson in a period that he shouts that VAC are really back and in the way their fans would always wanted. 

ES: Hi VAC. VAC is one of the bands, references when we talk about industrial music. However, would you like to start by introducing yourselves and tell us some things from the past, when the band was originally formed?

VAC: Originally formed in 1990 as cyber christ, later changed to VAC, then changed to vortext, then back to VAC. Original VAC members, Bryan Erickson, and Grigory Bilham. Evolved over time and included Chris workman, Gary Slaughter, Todd Loomis, And now Shiva aka Dianna Recalde. Guest people like Ben and Bonnie Pebbley of rev state, josh and lisa wilson, and many more.

ES: OK. This has been a quite busy summer for Velvet Acid Christ. A new full length album, "Ora Oblivious" and a remastered edition of a classic "Have Fun With Knives". I would like to begin with a new, really beautiful industrial album, "Ora Oblivious". Could you tell us some thing s about the new album?

VAC: Took 4 years to complete, in that time some of the material was more like toxic coma than VAC, so we had to scrap half of the lp, and write new stuff again thus causing the delays.

ES: What does "Ora Oblivionis" mean to you? What is the concept idea behind this album and the lyrics? Are there any specific facts that inspired you while writing "Ora Oblivionis"?

VAC: More than anything, the destruction of my homeland by bigotry, weapon worshiping people. That and the self destruction of so many people. 

ES: We can see a turn to some of the old music elements of VAC's sound. Elements that made VAC what it is today. Can you tell us something about the variety of sounds we find in "Ora Oblivionis"?

VAC: After 4 years of composing. I realized i wanted to try and give the fans what they wanted out of the project.

ES: Let me go to another recent release. 20 years after the original release of a masterpiece, you 've released a remastered version of "Have Fun With Knives". Would you like to tell something about this album and this anniversary?

VAC: Our best selling lp, our first lp without guitars too. kind of funny how we made this techno lp, we started out much more goth and industrial.

ES: "Have Fun With Knives" is an album which blended a variety of electronic music genres. What were your influences back then, when you wrote and composed the album?

VAC: So many, and this we dare not say because people would not understand it at all.

ES: Since, nowadays, VAC is a main influence to young artists and new bands in dark electronics and industrial genre, let me ask you how do you feel about it? Did you ever think, back in the early years, that VAC would influence other bands and motivate new artists?

VAC: I never really thought about it. I just obsessively write music and panic if i don't. its like my obsession. Music was my life, its why i had two bands and so many lps. I never knew i would be famous, or popular. I only wanted to make killer music.

ES: And what motivated you, to form a band and write this music? Which were your inspirations back then and what led you to dark electro and industrial?

VAC: I listen to prog rock, new wave, 80s pop, underground dance, every kind of alternative music, techno, classical, metal. everything.

ES: You 've said in a post that there is one person that really helped you turn VAC's sound back to its roots and to what people always liked. Can you tell us something about this person and what you feel abou it?

VAC: Shiva, my current band mate. She kept me from mixing Toxic coma into VAC. I was bluring the lines hardcore these last years, and she is the reason things turned out the way they did.

ES: Which is the feedback you have received about these two releases, so far? From both the media and the fans?

VAC: Honestly, i dont look at it. I only just book more shows and write more songs. we are already working on the next material. So far what i have heard is positive.

ES: Velvet Acid Christ started in 1990. Next year is a very important anniversary for Velvet Acid Christ, since it will be 40 years since you initially formed the band. Can we expect some special events on the occasion? Have you planned anything that the fans will have to expect? Or any future plans in general, in order to promote the new releases?

VAC: I'm only releasing old lps remastered on patreon, and maybe on vinyl if they keep selling.

ES: Would you like to share with us one of the moments that have marked the VAC's history in music? A highlight moment in all those years?

VAC: Meeting Shiva.

ES: Things have changed a lot lately in music industry. Digital platforms offer an alternative way to musicians reach more listeners. Can you share your thoughts with us?

VAC: Patreon helps us the most. our patreon is www.patreon.com/velvetacidchrist . Without this, VAC would vanish. So things are actually good because of it.

ES: Any last words? Would you like to share something else with VAC's Greek fans and our readers around the world?

Thank you for listening to us. We hope that we bring something cool to your life.






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