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The Faces of Sarah - Memorium

The Faces of Sarah - Memorium

February 2019

The Faces of Sarah is one of the bands that formed back in late 90's and kept the 90's gothic rock sound alive even during the 00's.

The Faces of Sarah have been active during all these years despite a short break they had and several member changes. With releases like Belief (1999), Twenty Four (2000), Misery Turns (2001), Impurity (2004), Lament (2006) and Past Life (2014) the band have built a loyal fan base around Europe and nowadays The Faces of Sarah considered to be as one of the keepers of British gothic rock tradition, since they are, in a way, celebrating 20 years of presence in the gothic scene. 

This anniversary brings a long awaited new full length album from the Brits under the name "Memorium". A release that keeps elements of their early years combined with some newer and a release that makes a lot of gothic rock fans and The Faces of Sarah fans happier.

Additionally Greek goth rockers and The Faces of Sarah fans have the opportunity and the pleasure to see a pure gothic rock band and their performance in Athens, Death Disco club, on Saturday, March 16th, where classic gothic sounds and songs like "Belief", "All That is Divine" and "Misery Turns" will be heard. All of this along with their latest songs but with the same gothic attitude and mood. Together with The Faces of Sarah will be one of the best greek goth rock bands, Opened Paradise, opening the show.

Going back to "Memorium", the latest release from The Faces of Sarah, that came out on February 25th and write down some thoughts while listening to it.

"Memorium" begins with "The Mists of Time", melodic intro to the rest of the album. Next is the same title track "Memorium", a powerfull start with clean gothic rock melodies, guitars and vocals. perhaps the best way to begin a long awaited album and perhaps one of the best songs in "Memorium". "One For The Sorrow" keeps the same tension with "Memorium" and starts reminding great gothic tunes from late 90's while the starting riffs brings memories of some songs from the Cult.

"Betrayed" changes the style for a while, since there are gothic rock melodic guitars, deep vocals with the characteristic voice of Nick Schultz, combined with riffs and atmosphere that can remind some classics sounds like The Fields of the Nephilim. "Here is Now" is moving again to upper beats, with keyboard tone giving another view to the band's sound. Again there are influences from older gothic rock bands since it reminds of Merry Thoughts and is influenced by Sisters of Mercy.

"Bind in a Cage" is a gothic rock ballad with some ethereal female vocals included. Quite a love song considering the lyrics. "The Murder Mile constitutes a gothic rock composition influenced by the British gothic rock scene, with a guitar solo and emotional vocals from Nick. It is giving an idea of a quite happier song, the lyrics are completely in the opposite side though. "How Quickly Things Change" starts with some heavy guitar chords but moving to a more pop-ish mood in the first vocal chorus. While listening to the whole track there are still gothic rock guitar riffs and tunes.

"The Travesty of Truth" is keeping the slow gothic rhythm like "Betrayed" and bringing forward the voice of Nick. Gothic tunes with a dark atmosphere and mood. Next is "Walk on Water", a 90's gothic rock composition with a sense of an almost gothic atmospheric metal mainly because of the great female vocals included in the chorus. There are moments that someone could say that reminds of the 69 Eyes.

"Distance" leads to a melodic dark composition with synths added and giving again a different dimension of the gothic attitude of the Faces of Sarah, while "Chandelier" closes the album in slow, ballad way.

"Memorium" is an album that obviously satisfies the demanding fans of goth rock scene which are always looking to great releases that keeps main elements of pure gothic rock sound. With influences from some great bands, The Faces of Sarah seems to give exactly this, within the tracks of "Memorium" but in addition keeping a "fresh" sound and style. "Memorium" combines some powerful gothic riffs along with various melodic and dark moments throughout the album.

"Memorium" is an album definitely worthy to purchase and listen to. If you are in Greece do not miss their live performance where The Faces of Sarah will persuade you for this. And there, you will have the chance to get "Memorium" and if you are lucky The Faces of Sarah could sing your copy... ;)

The Faces of Sarah - Memorium (lyric video)







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