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Then Comes Silence - Trickery | Review

Then Comes Silence - Trickery

April 2024

Metropolis Records

Then Comes Silence presents their 7th full length album, "Trickery"!

Then Comes Silence returns with an album that proves the true variety and diversity of the Swedish trio! "Trickery" is Then Comes Silence full length album, number seven, and it is a proof that they are a band that will never get tired of doing what they love the most. And that is, no other, than expressing their emotions and mood through catchy and modern post-punk, dark rock soundscapes! Then Comes Silence have created, throughout the years, their very own style, taking their influences as an initial compass, building the inspirations around the origins of their music and delivering a sonic template that now constitutes their trademark sound.

After twelve years and seven albums, the progress of the band can be easily distinguished, with the two first albums having the role of presenting and building the band's sound, the successors two albums going to more solid, dark and hard paths and building the core of their fanbase, while the last pair of albums, prior to "Trickery" showing the huge abilities of Then Comes Silence, expressing the theatricality, the references to their favorite themes, the horror and the occult, through emotional dark rock, sharp post-punk and lyricism. 

These beautiful course leads to the seventh album from Then Comes Silence, the "Trickery", where all the elements that characterizes the music journey so far, are all present here, delivering an album that has its own personality in every single one of its twelve turns. One could divide "Trickery" into parts that fits in every significant point of the trio's history, putting the "Ride Or Die" and "Like A Hammer" in their last period, or "Blind Eye" and "Stay Strange" in the first era, and the powerful "Dead Friend" in the second era. But, having listened to "Trickery" one conclusion can be made. It is difficult to put Then Comes Silence's sound and their music acts and shows under a specific label or genre. Then Comes Silence are darkening the light sides of music and brings light to the melancholic and cold hearts with their inspirations and the lyrics. 

And so is "Trickery", since it is a dark rock, post-punk album that celebrates friendship. It is an album that stands on gothic rock pillars, entwined with the increased amount of synth melodies showing that the Swedish trio are always evolving, experimenting, giving new dimensions to their sound. The album starts with the two tracks that have been already out, and released as singles, giving a "taste" of what "Trickery" hides. "Ride Or Die" can work as the connection between "Trickery" and "Hunger" (2022) since the melodies are coming to finish what started back in 2022. The intentions are clear from the first song where the analog synths are present more than any other time. A song for friendship into a sonic puzzle that unveils the dynamic sound of the experienced trio. "Like A Hammer" is the one that connects the album with the history of the band. Jonas Fransson sets the rhythm and the rest are just flowing with ease, with clever synth melodies and catchy chorus.

"Fell The Cold" goes into the darker paths with driving rhythm section and haunting melodies combined to create a beautiful snapshot in the album. "Tears And Cries" delivers a spooky ambience with the starting lines, turning into a dynamic, glittering rock track in the chorus, while the contrast is completed with addition of female vocals by the amazing Emma Nylen of Emmon. "Stay Strange" marks the most raw and powerful parts of "Trickery". There is a sense of a punk approach in this one with gritty guitars from Hugo Zombie and stomping drum beats from Jonas Fransson. "Stiffs" is the point that Alex Svenson unveils the dramatic sense in his thinking and writing, in a song that can be one of those that characterizes the most the sound of Then Comes Silence.

"Blind Eye" is one of the highlights in "Trickery" with a pulsating tempo and beats, seductive bass lines and aggessive, gloomy guitars, while Alex Svenson plays with the tomes of his voice. An addictive chorus is completing the mystery that peaks with the haunting whispering, "Let me be the death of you". "The Masquerade" brings the synth in front and gives more electrified sense in the sound, while the juggling riffs make this song one of "Trickery"'s bleakest moments. "Never Change" goes, completely in diverse path, compared to "The Masquerade", giving light to the darkness of "Trickery" with positive vibes coming out of the instrumentation and vocals.

And here comes the "Dead Friends". A track that could easily fit to the 90's punk rock era with an insane and deranged speed and tempo that crests with an amazing moment from Hugo's guitar. A track that will have its own moments in a live show. A tribute to everyone's moments with a, now, dead friend! "Runners" is the one that leads to the finish line for "Trickery". A modern post-punk song with clear sharp guitars, pulse synth and waves and beautiful vocals. "Ghost House" is the closing track and is the the most ambient part of "Trickery". Sentimental tones in vocals, electrified instrumentation with greatly structured synths and beats, keeping a nostalgic line balanced with melancholy. A track that sounds like the perfect ending of story about friends and friendships, humans and relationships, narrated, in between darkness and light!

"Trickery" is a mesmerizing, seductive collection of songs and sounds, blending together elements of beauty and darkness. Then Comes Silence are one of these acts that never disappoints, either it is a release or a live show. A band that deserves to be widely listened to and seen. Three musicians and artists that truly enjoy the moments of creativity and friendship they share, with a strong will to evolve even in their seventh album and move forward to unexplored sonic journeys. "Trickery" is one of the albums that you can't stop listening to, in any mood.  










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