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Antipole & Paris Alexander - Crystalline | Review

Antipole & Paris Alexander - Crystalline

May 2023

Young & Cold Records

There was a time,I would listen to anything I came across concerning the dark scene. I had to learn more about this new love of mine. One of the artists I was instantly drawn to was Karl Morten Dahl aka Antipole.

Either it was music he made for himself or for the amazing collaborations he has had with brilliant artists,you could easily recognise his distinctive, dimensionally atmospheric sound. I have to confess, I sometimes listen to other musicians' work and I think to myself "Oh , this reminds me of the Antipole style".

One of the greatest match for Karl's soundscapes is Paris Alexander's deep and melodic voice. Being an exceptional song writer and a music producer himself, Paris and Karl have worked together to give us unforgettable releases in the past (Northern Flux 2017),(Radial Glare 2019).

Other projects followed for both of them until it was the right time again to get back together in order to create one more successful work.Thus, on May 12th ,Young and Cold records proudly presented another pearl in its collection coming from the two immensely skilled artists:"Crystalline".

"Crystalline" was written and recorded during the second half of 2022. Its sound draws from nasty-sounding synthesizers, ethereal/dreamy guitars and the 1980's for musical inspiration and fuses some of the best elements of darkwave and electronic music with post-punk. The result is dancefloor-friendly darkwave, yet the moody ethereal tones still shine through in the nighttime fog.

"Crystalline" represents a meeting between bliss/darkness, hope/despair and guitars/synths. The dualities and antipoles of life. It was truly inspirational working with Paris Alexander."
- Karl Morten, Antipole

"I have been inspired to write lyrics that I am proud of and feel like this album is a natural progression, building on what we have done together thus far."
- Paris Alexander

In case you haven't listened to this superb compilation of songs yet, I bet you're eager now to give it a listen and see for yourselves how exquisitely these splendid sounds can "decorate" your time. Let's take it track by track.

"Perceptions" is the first track of the album and I'm already excited about what is to follow. A warm welcome to instantly remind us why we so deeply cherish Antipole 's distinctive and charming melodies. Guitar driven and a synthesizers' combo lead to a darkly seductive result. Body is synchronizing to the beat and Paris Alexander carries us away with the sensual side of his timbre, especially when he whispers, it can give you the chills!!!

"Nightshade" begins with a long instrumental intro, enjoying the cool synths, the rhythmic drum machines, typical trait of Antipole and the imposing guitars on which Karl is a grand master. This is a more mellow track sound wise to take us on a sweet break from what's coming next. A track perfectly suitable for your laid-back moments.

"Bleached" is an alluring combination of sound and vocals piercing deep into our senses causing the body to respond to its irresistible rhythm. Harmonious guitars playing the leading role creating a darkly cold atmosphere perfectly balancing with Paris' sensual voice. An enticing track from every aspect. When you finally make it to the 3rd track of "Crystalline" you have no choice but to give in and let it captivate you.

Moving on to "Disjointed". It's obvious there's a darkwave, post-punk basis in the sounds of Antipole, but it's also crystal clear how they differ from the crowd. Using a lot of synthesizers, giving a special colour through electronic programming. Sound-wise, I'd say this is a "colourful" track. Even though it's a smoothly constructed song. You can notice the notes dancing underneath Paris Alexander's soft singing blending into an elegant and minimal outcome.

"Midnight Shadows" is the 5th track of "Crystalline" and it will gain your interest instantly as its very impressive from the very first second .Electro sounds along with drum machines dominate the introduction followed by Paris Alexander's sultry singing and the exquisite guitar sound of Karl's , floating above the synth melodies. A soundscape gradually developing in tension to put you in a sensuous dancing mode.

"Marble" comes right in time to chill us a little. Sweet melodies sprinkled with a nostalgic sense . It sounds like all the instruments are now conspiring Into evoking melancholic emotions.This track makes me feel as if I've found a wonderful soundtrack for the memories film dwelling in my mind. This album is such a great fit for the variety of feelings and moods it can accompany me with...

This 7th track of the LP "Infractions" has such a sweet, beautiful melody!! An excellent choice to begin your day with. Its sound is smoothly vibrant and peaceful. I love the guitar parts so lively and playful like the sunrays on a sunny day. The vocals as always a perfect match to the music, comforting and heartwarming. A track to lift you up with its mellowness.

Last stop to this "Crystalline" journey is a track named "Sentiments". Listening to the whole album brings forth a bunch of different emotions and can take you on a dreamy journey. Dealing with a vigorous, delightful and danceable piece of music,"Sentiments" is the farewell Karl and Paris say to us until their next collaboration. Paris sings to us "We will dance again" and I can't think of a better response to that than another phrase from the lyrics of this particular song..."I am waiting"!!!!









Paris Alexander








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