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Coma Alliance - Weapon of Choice

Coma Alliance - Weapon of Choice

Accession Records

November 2018

Coma Aliiance is the project of Andrian Hates and Torben Wendt.

I think there is no need to write a special introduction for these two great artists. Adrian Hates and Torben Wendt are the masterminds and voices of Diary of Dreams and Diorama. I have been listening to Diary of Dreams since mid 90's and when I listened to Diorama and Torben Wendt's voice my first thought was that this two persons should work and sing together... sometime. Well now, almost 20 years later, this thought or, better call it a wish, came true and behold. Coma Alliance. This specific fact and their previous successful presence in the dark gothic music scene, can make expectations and anticipation even higher. In a large amount this is happening.

"Weapons of Choice" starts with "Unusual", an atmospheric dark intro, with melodic synths with the vocal sample "COMA" floating in the track. Next is "Sepia" where you can feel the strength of two great artists, and expectations are getting higher for the rest of the album.

Comparing all the tracks to Diary of Dream's and Diorama's music is unavoidable. In "Royd" (official video below) the influence and the synths of Diorama's songs is obvious but perfectly bond with darkwave mood of Andrian Hates and Diary of Dreams.
"Starfruit" is absolute electro-popish track not similar to some of the electronic compositions of Diorama or the darkest moments of Diary of Dreams.

In "Trembler" there are dark tunes composed in a way we have heard in both bands and artists previous releases, while in "Dark Vibes", I believe, the influence of Adrian Hates composition's from his most electro side is depicted.

Next is "Miracle" a melodic, emotional darkwave track with powerful dark beat. "Finsta" seems to be the track that characterizes the most this project and which combines elements from both artists and their bands, giving, however, the stigma of what Coma Alliance is. "CA2" continues where "Finsta" stops with major alternations in the track's rhythm and style but always keeping high the dark emotions.

"Coma Supreme" is a surprise. Along with the "Buttons are probably the songs which is less influenced from the two artists and could be the ones that separates Coma Alliance from Diorama and Diary of Dreams.

"Trip Job" is a great outro for the "Weapon of Choice" In "Trip Job" the journey ends while represents the certain originality of the Coma Alliance project but reflecting in a perfect way the history from Diorama and Diary of Dreams.

I haven't written anything for each tracks's vocals separately. I chose to write everything at the end. Vocals are superb. What can we say when two of the most characteristic voices of darkwave, dark electro are joined. Emotional vocals from Torben Wendt on one hand, deeper dark voice from Adrian Hates on the other. Vocal-wise the result is excellent. It is something that I personally was dreaming and hoping for since the first day I heard Diorama's first album and Torben Wendt's voice. "Weapon of Choice" is a long awaited collaboration with a great result. Combining dark electro, darkwave, even goth, with new elements like trip-hop and electronica is what someone could expect from Adrian Hates and Torben Wendt. However, I am really thirsty for more and looking forward to see them performing live and listening to new stuff and releases.

"Royd" official video:






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