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Vogon Poetry - Life, the Universe and Everything

Vogon Poetry - Life, the Universe and Everything

April 2018

"Life, the Universe and Everything" is the third release of the Swedish electro/synth act , Vogon Poetry.

Vogon Poetry is a band coming from Sweden and consists of Roger Tell (Keyboards, Percussion pads & Programming) , Daniel Önnerby (Keyboards) & John Andersson (Vocals). "Life, the Universe and Everything" is their latest release, following their "The Prefect Stories" (2016) and "Don't Panic" (2014) full length albums.

Vogon Poetry is an absolute electro/synth pop band combining elements from the unforgettable electro-pop period, back in the 80's, and of some of the modern great electro/synth artists and bands. For those who are reading and like science fiction stories the "Life, the Universe and Everything" name should ring a bell, since the album's name is taken from a same-titled book by a British writer, Douglas Adams. Therefore, we have the first ingredient of what will follow.

"Life, the Universe and Everything" begins with a melodic intro, "The Upside Down", including samples from "Stranger Things" series. Really interesting track, acting as a spaceship launch countdown with the beautiful voice of John Andersson as a guide.

Our trip in space starts dynamically with "Dangers of Space". An electronic melody with catchy synths, while listening to it I am, finally, sure that John Andersson's voice reminds me of Chris Corner's (IAMX) voice. Next is "Children of Mine" a melancholic electro pop composition, giving a darker touch on the album.

"In Space No One Can Hear Your Scream" is a cover track of the S.P.O.C.K's original from early 90's. Vogon Poetry covers a classic electro-pop track and fits it to their sci/fi creation.

In "Heart of God" just close your eyes and imagine the trip among the stars. Cathy electronic riffs and elements from the 80's. One of my favorite, along with "Spacewalk" which is a bit more melodic but still with synth/electronic riffs and even more influenced from some bands from the 80's. "Serenity" is an instrmental track including samples from Firefly series and Serenity. Still very electronic, where Kraftwerk elements can be identified.

In the closing track "Tomorrow" Andersson's voice with Tell's and Önnerby's synths are strongly reminiscent of Erasure's sound. In the bandcamp version of "Life, the Universe and Everything" there is a remix of "Tomorrow" from Glenn Main adding a dancing mood to this emotional track.

In "Life, the Universe and Everything" someone could close his/her eyes and travel in another galaxy while driving his/her own spaceship. Sci/Fi pop, catchy electronic elements and synthpop riffs combines a soundtrack of a trip. Andersson's voice fits absolutely and strengthens the concept of the album. "Life, the Universe and Everything" is recommended to science fiction lovers and electro-pop/synthwave nostalgic fans, but not only...

"Dangers of Space" official Video   





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