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Then Comes Silence - Machine | Review

Then Comes Silence - Machine

March 2020

Metropolis Records - Oblivion/SPV

Then Comes Silence are back with the "Machine"!

Swedish post-punk, cold/dark wave quartet returns with the amazing "Machine". One of the most active and well-known post-punk acts in Sweden, Then Comes Silence is back this year with their fourth full-length album, following the "Then Comes Silence" (2012), "II" (2013), "Nyctophilian" (2015), "Blood" (2017). With an atmosphere built around the dark side of music since 2012, Then Comes Silence plays with the sounds and words of sorrow, death and sins. Post-punk elements and arrangements bouncing between gothic rock, dark wave and psychedelic pop.

Their new album “Machine” is a reflection of that. More rock, more death, more unhealthy obsessions with all things dark and sinister. Mixed by legend Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Deathstars, Killing Joke), Then Comes Silence has, probably, created their most complete and compact album.

"Machine" starts with a cold post-punk riff in "We Lose The Night". Melodic riffs influenced by the dark wave of the Clan Of Xymox early years. "Devil" comes under the shadow of Bauhaus. Death rock riffs in the intro, creates the batcave-ish ambience. Moving to more alternative paths during this song, makes it a really interesting exploration. 

"Dark End" goes to a more melodic and emotional paths, holding the compact sound of the two guitars and the strong basslines. "I Gave You Everything" retains the dark styles of Daniel Ash and David J adopted to the modern post-punk forms.

"Ritual" is perhaps one of the best moments in "Machine" since there is this dark indie tension on one hand and the gothic rock guitar riffs on the other, which are all just there to give the proper escort to the emotional performance in vocals, where we find the amazing voice of Karolina Engdahl. In "Ritual" Alex Svenson sings with the singer of a beautiful Swedish post-punk / punk band, True Moon, Karolina Engdahl and the result is just amazing. A melodic song with the two singers being perfectly matched. 

"Apocalypse Flare" is on the original post-punk side of the quartet while the "W.O.O.O.U" starts with an obvious gothic riff and gives the sense of 80's early gothic rock times with the tempo and the guitars.  "In Your Name" brings you back to the future with its dark indie influenced rhythm. 

"Glass" is another one of the highlights. Strong bass and drums while the guitars are giving that speed to the atmosphere, while Alex sounds so occult with this, almost, whispering vocal line. "Kill It" is a low tempo dark rock ballad with a strong melody. "Machine" is switching off with the "Cuts Inside" including all the elements we find in the album.

"Machine" is a strong post-punk collection of songs. But it is not only this. There are many more music wedges in those 11 songs that nails the listener. From the "batcave" and deathrock elements in some moments, the dark indie, pop in others and of course all the cold, dark wave and atmosphere, enriched with exceptional gothic moments. Alex vocals is going easily from the indie styles to gothic lyricism, along with the strong bass, the drums and the powerful twin sharp guitars.










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