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Engram - Das Kapital

Engram -Das Kapital

The Cage Studios, Coventry


Engram is an electro duo which consists of Martin Bowes and John Costello. Together they formed Engram back in 1996, however "Das Kapital" is their debut album.

It might seem strange to some of our readers but those guys are completely dedicated to their music and to what they do and present to the listeners. I could write an article just to introduce Martin and John but no... I prefer to let their music introduce them to you. I believe they would like to, as well.

"Das Kapital" is an electronic "must have". I really do not like to use these words, especially after all these years of listening to some great releases. But in Engram's case, my apologies but I do not exaggerate. It is a mixture of minimal wave and synths and a dark electronic atmosphere, while their 80's synthwave influences are obvious.

"Divine Plan" is the first track and it is a powerful take-off for what will come after it. "Karl Marx" continues right where "Divine Plan" stops, while introducing Engram pure 80's sway. The beats keep coming in "The Good Life" and "Highgate - Part 2" (part 1 is included in "Karl Max" single). After that, darkness
is following with their atmospheric tunes in "The Razor Inside", the "Law of Betrayal" and the dark ambient tunes and moments in "Hi Teikei No". "What am I?" begins with a dark feeling but gets back to the minimal electro in the second half. This track was originally composed back in 1996.In "Eye Irren Tot", Engram let their music take control. Influences in this particular track could lead us more than three decades back. And then, there comes the "Exquisite Corpse", a brilliant outro, an absolute experimental dark electronic which can only make our anticipation even bigger for Engram's future steps.

One of the most complete dark electronic and minimal wave releases that I 've heard lately. Really did not expect it and was a pleasant surprise.






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