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FIX8:SED8 - Warning Signs | Review

FIX8:SED8 - Warning Signs

Dependent Records

June 2019

FIX8:SED8 returns with an old-school industrial masterwork!

FIX8:SED8 carries the legacy of traditional old-school industrial sound following and following and evolving the patterns and techniques of some major industrial bands of the past and present, like Velvet Acid Christ, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy and Mentallo & The Fixer.

FIX8:SED8 is an one man electronic project of Martin Sane, with a history, starting back in 2003 and in 2005 when he met industrial icon, Daniel Myer of Haujobb, whose talents were enlisted to produce his first self-released full length album, HUMANOPHOBIA, along with Husseyin Koroglu of Phunkmob and Steve Dragon of In Strict Confidence at the final stage of production.

In 2017, FIX8:SED8 released the "FOREN6" album in Dependent Records and two years later Sane is back with an extraordinary old-school industrial sounds collection, in the new full length album, "Warning Signs", released on June 14th, again with Dependent Records.

And "Warning Signs" is exactly this. A collection of all these elements that reminds of the best 90s industrial bands and music, performed greatly by Martin Sane and assembled to create a new form of this old-school, "retro" industrial.

Starting with the "Embolism", a quite melancholic intro leading to a potential battlefield. In "Parasite Paradise" the listener starts a trip to the 90s industrial with the first signs of the influences from bands like Mentallo & the Fixer. I have already written about "Empyrean" in our video pick, some weeks ago. "A dark electro song, creating a dark ambience with a mid-tempo rhythm and a strong synthline.

"Syringe Relation" keeps the same tense with "Empyrean" music wise, while is even haunting vocal-wise with enough distortion in vocals. "Funeral Dirge" is a more Skinny Puppy side of FIX8:SED8, with some really catchy melody and beats. In "Within Cells Interlinked" the beats are going higher to create a dancefloor hit with strong synths. "Love" comes with a melancholic intro melody and continues with a mid-tempo beat and some melodic synths. Here, I can see some relevance in one of my favorite bands of early 00s, the Human Decay.

"The Septic" is creating an even more dark ambience, while "Depression Deity" is another song taken out from the 90s industrial influences of Martin Sane. Hard beats and distorted vocals reminding Velvet Acid Christ. "Tunnel Vision" keeps the strong beats and is really close to Martin's influences and to me again a Human Decay-like song with all the elements of anew sound from FIX8:SED8.

"Futile Attempts" could be my favorite but I won't say that since the whole album is beautiful. Synth-lines creating a haunting atmosphere combined with voice-samples and the distorted vocals of Martin. Closing the album, comes the same titled "Warning Signs". A song that starts as an outro to the album but giving the proper tension to all the previously formed ambience. Dark melody in the beginning, powerful beats next, while there is a turn in the song after the fourth minute that keeps almost a minute and then returns to the strong beats, to end the album.

FIX8:SED8 returns with a compact and powerful album. "Warning Signs" hides inside all these elements that made most of us love the industrial music. Martin Sane adopts all these, taken from his music industrial influences and creates a completely new form of old-school industrial. "Warning Signs" is an album to take you to a trip, back to the future! Sane is composing 12 songs based on these sounds but while looking to the future. "Warning Signs" is a great full-length album from the 1st second to the last.









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