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Lilith My Mother - Her Fall | Review

Lilith My Mother - Her Fall


March 2019

Dark electronics and gothic tunes. Lilith My Mother!

Lilith My Mother is the solo project of Oleg Degtiarev, aka Alterdino. Oleg formed Lilith My Mother back in 2016.

In 2017 a single was released, titled "Endless Nights", followed by the debut full length album, again in 2017. In February 2018 the second full length album, "Stillborn", came out, while in the same year a really interesting and different single was also released, "Like Fallen Angels (feat. Lilly Auge)".

Lilith My Mother had a really good feedback from media and fans for their releases and music. Their sound is a dark electronic wave and is influenced not only by some gothic rock, electro gothic bands but from future pop, synth and electro projects as well.

In March 2019, Lilith My Mother released their new EP, "Her Fall".

In "Her Fall", Oleg Degtiarev has created a deep dark electo sound. The new EP includes two new songs ny Lilith My Mother, along with four remixes.

First song of "Her Fall" is "Her Little Black Soul". A dark low tempo electro compositions. Emotional synths and melody and deep gothic vocals by Oleg with some really interesting lyrics.. Second is the "Face the Fall" where another strange story is going on. "Face the Fall" is in a more electronic part of Lilith My Mother. Catchy synths moving close to future pop influences with deep haunting vocals.

Remixes included is one for "Her Little Black Soul" by Jenova Project, an industrial pop project, which gives an up tempo version of this song. There are also 3 remixed versions of "Face the Fall". First is this of Era Nocturna, an electro dark project, making this track a quite more pop. Next is the remix from a gothic electro porject, London Sadness with more dark elements included. Closing the "Her Fall" EP is the remix pf "Face the Fall" from the Killing Key, a harsh dark electro project, which creates a more melodic version of the song while keeping the dark mood and adding some filth in the vocals.

A really interesting release from Oleg Degtiarev and his project Lilith My Mother. "Her Fall" is an emotional dark electro EP with deep vocals, cathy synths and drum-lines balancing in the sound of dark synths and electro gothic. Keeping some of the experimental side shown in the "Like Fallen Angels (feat. Lilly Auge)" together with the darkness and some gothic sounds and elements of "Stillborn", "Her Fall" is a really promising EP for Lilith My Mother. With moments, reminding bands like Project Pitchfork, the atmosphere is full of dark feelings and mood and "Her Fall" is creating some high expectations for future work of the project. Check and buy "Her Fall" EP in Lilith My Mother's bandcamp page (link below).

Lilith My Mother - Her Little Black Soul (Lyric Video)






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