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Sonsombre - The Veils Of Ending | Review

Sonsombre - The Veils Of Ending


June 2019

Sonsombre is the new gothic masters. Proof is in "The Veils of Ending".

I think I 've written it again. Gothic rock has definitely some things to give in the future. There will be a relative article real soon. There is one person and one band that has taken gothic rock's hand and moves forward. It is true that he won't carry all the weight on his shoulders, alone, since there are several other bands that are moving gothic rock to the future.. However, Sonsombre is and will be in the frontline with them. 

"The Veils of Ending" is the second chapter for Sonsombre, still remaining focused to the classical gothic rock. Brandon Pybus is an artist deeply influenced by gothic rock's "second wave" bands, mainly from the 90's era. Those influences are amazingly adopted on paper and in the music of Sonsombre. 

"The Veils of Ending" starts with the powerful "Coming For You". A starter for an album that has many more excitement to give. Heavy riffs and a strong drumline. "Night Child" starts quite more melodic than the "Coming For You", while when the first minute is passing an alteration in guitars hits you like electricity. Vocals are coming to make the ambience even darker with the deep tone and emotional lyrics closing this amazing song with a desperate call for the Night Child.

"Between" is next. Quite lower but strong tempo and atmospheric, reminds a combination of The Wake and Screams for Tina. In "Fear" someone could say that one of the biggest influences for Brandon is present her and that is the legendary Christian Death. Clean guitars matched with some synths in the background. "The Future Is Black" is an obvious gothic club hit with an up-tempo drum and bassline and a catchy guitar riff. Addictive chorus that will stuck in your head.

"Matte Black" could be my personal favorite, although it is really hard for me to pick. All these elements that made you love gothic rock is here. Catchy rhythm, sharp guitars, an even more addictive refrain. Danceable and dark, vocals taken out from your best gothic nights. "Mirror Mirror" starts with a haunted atmosphere with the melody and the deep vocals of Brandon. Tension and deepness are growing as the tempo explodes after a while, keeping the same haunting characteristics and with the addition of a piano melody.

"A Ghost Story" is touching the lines of a gothic ballad. A strong gothic ballad with heavy but sharp guitar and a beautiful bassline. A story about all of us, ghosts, in the lyrics, narrated with the beautiful voice of Brandon. "It's Alright" is the point where Brandon puts more melody in his riffs, showing some other influences that could have affect his music, keeping all these gothic feeling and atmosphere. "Unfit for Endings" is another true gothic ballad. Influences from the Fields Of The Nephilim all over this song. Sad guitars with the accompaniment of depressed drums and bass and the dark rendition of Brandon. Same titled last track, "The Veils of Ending" is an outro for this album.

If The Wake could join Nosferatu the result could be Sonsombre's "The Veil of Ending". I know that I am talking about two of the most legendary and influential bands of pure gothic rock. But it is something that I strongly believe so, and I think some of you would agree right after listening to "The Veils of Ending". Sonsombre's new album has all the characteristics of those huge bands. Sharp guitars, in some moments heavier, deep, clear, gothic vocals and a veil of darkness creating the appropriate atmosphere. Sonsombre have made a perfect mix of those elements along with the really unique voice of Brandon and the addition of his own music characteristics. A "must have" for gothic rock lovers and not only. If you love good music, you know what to do... 

Sonsombre - The Future Is Black (official video)





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