The Nocturnal Culture Night Festival is a unique family festival that turned 14 in 2019 | Review

 NOCTURNAL CULTURE NIGHT ( NCN 2019 ) - 06- 08.09.2019

 The Nocturnal Culture Night Festival is a unique family festival that turned 14 in 2019. The green park with the massive trees and the big lake from one hand, and the outdoor stages that each year are full of black-dressed figures ready to party for three days on the other hand, make this festival special. Deutzen, a location approximately 30km from Leipzig is easily accessible by trains running either from both Leipzig’s airport and main railway station (direction Kulturpark Deutzen).

Words by Geisterwelt Team

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Clan of Xymox - NCN 2019

Actors - NCN 2019

Joachim Witt - NCN 2019

For 3 days (excluding Thursday’s warm up) the forest is being transformed into a place that will host more than 2.500 visitors. The cost of the tickets including all of the days is 74€ - and an extra 5€ for securing a sport in the camping. Bands and artists such as A Projection, In Strict Confidence, Minuit Machine, In Slaughter Natives, ACTORS, Desperate Journalist, Traitrs, Haujobb, The Cascades, Placebo Effect, Six Comm, Covenant, Joachim Witt, Pink Turns Blue etc. play non-stop from morning till late night, followed by after-parties that will not last till morning, in order to give to the audience a better chance for rest. A very positive bit is that four stages are very close to each other, making easy for visitors to attend as many performances as possible.

Desperate Journalist - NCN 2019

In Strict Confidence - NCN 2019

Traitrs - NCN 2019

The selection of the bands is genuinely extraordinary. In our opinion, some special names such as She Past Away with tracks such as "Rituel", "Monoton", "Katarsis"   who entertained the audience ignoring the heavy rain. Wayne Hussey ( lead singer of The Mission, and the guitarist with The Sisters of Mercy ) who travelled, moved, and made us sing along with him till morning old hits such as "Μarian" and "Wasteland" with an exceptional after midnight acoustic show. Clan of Xymox who once more, made us dance with favourite songs such as "Jasmine and Rose", "A Day", "Emily".

Pink Turns Blue - NCN 2019

In Slaughter Natives - NCN 2019

The Cascades - NCN 2019

The venue of the festival is appropriately adjusted with lights and disco balls that are being transformed into branches of trees and leaves while wooden sculptures create this unique character of the culture park.

In terms of accommodation, there are some motels in the area, but due to high demand, someone needs to make a research in advance. The camping site is more of a free camping with some basics (showers, toilets, stands offering breakfast, tea and coffee). Nevertheless, it is a piece of the festival that always leaves its mark with the element of nature all around but with its easy access within minutes to the concerts. Also, for those who would prefer to not bring their own equipment, already set-up tents are available for rent for the whole duration of the festival. In our opinion, it would be better for those who would like to stay in the camping, to arrive on Thursday. Mornings are ideal for a walk towards the lake which is approximately 5 minutes away from the camping site, having a wonderful panoramic view of the whole area.

Sixth Comm - NCN 2019

She Past Away - NCN 2019

Wayne Hussey - NCN 2019

Food-wise, visitors can try lots of different options available in-site, as well as trying traditional beers, Met ( cannabis, plum, raspberry - flavour wine ) and many more.

NCN is addressed to all age groups, being a very family friendly event as many of the festival visitors became parents and it is of high importance to them, to be able to keep on enjoying a must-festival for them.

The preparations for the 15th NCN festival (04-06.09.2020)  are already in progress, with the first band names for 2020 already known. For more information, please visit the official website.


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