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Siera Wiski - Nait Lait, witching goth gaze

Siera Wiski is blending synth wave sounds with the witch house in "Nait Lait"!

"Nait Lait" is a nice, interesting idea, using low tempo synthpop beats and melody, combined with witch-house arrangements! Building upon screwgaze technics "Nait Lait" feels like a seductive, witching electronic ballad, guiding the listener to a gothic soundscape!

"a journey through ethereal synth dreamscapes - the lyrics are left ambiguous so the listener can bring their own meaning to the track".


Sierə Wɪski is an electronic music composer/producer, performer and artist whose art combines a love for europop, techno, berlin's club scene, piano amd noise.

Live on stage, Sierə’s mixed-media performance is an immersive dreamscape, flowing through genres & traversing barriers between reality & hyperreality. fed by a history of post-punk + performance art, their ethereal synth, vocal manipulations, playful noise + live video art throw long brush strokes of musical colour, holding a magical lens up to excess, near death, isolation, healing + awakening.









If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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