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Mary Middlefield - Heart's Desire, a gentle and emotive art pop

Mary Middlefield's, "Heart's Desire" can take you on a spectral sonic journey!

Mary Middlefield is one of the singer-songwriters who turn their pain and joy of their personal lives into art. 

"Heart's Desire" is a mesmerizing indie pop and art pop fusion that showcases the ethereal vocals of the Swiss songwriter. The song opens with delicate guitar chords that evoke the majestic soundscape of the emotional and eerie atmosphere that Mary creates. "Heart's Desire" is one of the singles released as a "taste" of her new material and after Mary Middlefield's full length album. Despite the dreamy sound of her voice, "Heart's Desire" takes the listener into a quite darker world, depicting a Stockholm syndrome-like experience of a manipulative relationship.  

"Heart's Desire" is a captivating indie pop melody and song writing that showcases the talent and artistry of the former student of classical violin, 22 year-old Mary Middlefield, who now builds upon desire, tension and life experience to make ethereal art and indie sounds about the contrast between love and abuse. "Heart's Desire" is blend of lush instrumentation, evocative vocals, and dark lyricism. The single comes with an official video as an "Official Live Film".

Mary Middlefield comments on "Heart's Desire": "It’s a song about statutory rape and knowingly falling for someone who’s manipulating you and inappropriately older than you. It’s not a love song and it shouldn’t be seen that way. As young women, we’re often preyed on by people with authority who not only use toxic methods to get the results they’d like, but also project their desires, whether sexual, professional or both. I really wanted to put that in a song, i.e, how it feels to live through the abuse and experience it first-hand. I don’t want to give too much of my personal experience away: most of it is already in the song anyway."







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