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Monarc - Rollercoaster Kisses, California based post-punk

"Rollecoaster Kisses" is the debut single of "Monarc"!

"Monarc" is an all new project hailing from Los Angeles, California and consisting of Monty Rili, JP Victoria, Frei Munoz, Sam BP, and Mike Abad. The indie rock quintet was introduced to the world a few days ago with the release of their debut single "Rollercoaster Kisses", released on February 6th, produced by Mark Damian.

"Rollercoaster Kisses" is a pure post-punk song being built upon strong influences and elements. Combining sounds and lines from both the early post-punk origins and pioneers with the best parts of the post-punk revival, and the bands that renewed the genre in the last 20 years. "Rollercoaster Kisses" is a song inspired by feeling unsure of the person you're with. The song has a bright, lively feel juxtaposed with melancholic lyrics. 

The debut of Monarc is a great song through its simplicity. The LA based project stays on lines that are totally familiar to the listener and that works perfectly in getting into their mood and ambience, since you feel that you have already listened to this one, but you are surprised when you realize that this is a completely new song from a completely new band! Great start for Monarc! Looking forward for more "Rollercoaster" rides!  






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