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Мятый Клевер - Пускай горит , "Let It Burn", a melancholic alternative, post-punk

Мятый Клевер - Пускай горит , "Let It Burn" is the Russian way of Alternative, Post-Punk!

"Мятый Клевер - Пускай горит" is a song that came out on October 3rd by the Russia based trio which their name is translated like "Crumpled Clover".  

"Пускай горит" (Let It Burn) is the first song of their recently released EP, "Мятый Клевер", released in October 2023, including three more tracks. "Пускай горит" is, perhaps, the strongest part of this debut EP along with the last track, "Весна". A song mixing the sharp guitar riffs with a powerful chorus, diving into the dark alternative rock sounds. Strong melody building an intense ambience that leads to this beautiful noisy chorus. The trio uses their language in lyrics, and "Пускай горит" is a deep, melancholic song about being alone, being forgotten and, in some way, letting things pass, leaving one's own self, sometimes described as an out-of-body experience!


Third track "Письмо" (Letter) has a nostalgic emotion being built upon a more gazing sound, with a melody that expresses, in the most proper way, the contents of this song and the story of writing a letter and the nostalgia of this form of communication!


"Мятый Клевер" EP is building a gloomy atmosphere with it's whole sound making the band one of those that will stay under our radars!







If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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