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Obsidian - Night Director, gothic rock melancholy

"Night Director", Oisidian's first single out of their album 19 Dead!

"Night Director" is coming out of Obsidian's latest album, "19 Dead" released in January 2024 via Batcave Productions.

Obsidian's "19 Dead" opening track, "Night Director", is a bewitching blend of gothic and dark wave, echoing the moody allure of early 90's romantic gothic rock bans and the haunting elegance of the darkest soundscapes. "Night Director" invites listeners in a brooding atmosphere with its gloomy, melancholic tempo and melody and sultry, resonant vocals.

The instrumentation is solid and layered, weaving together synths and guitar riffs, blending gothic rock feel and post-punk lines . The song’s production highlights its dark vibe while maintaining an undercurrent of sadness. "Night Director" is expressing Obsidian's ability to capture and convey thorough emotion through their music.

Osidian says about "Night Director": "The song is a breakup song, directed to a mortician, or funeral director who worked the night shift and is a reflection of the affair and how it ended."

Obsidian is a Gothic/ Post-Punk band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. They currently have 3 EP releases; 2018's four- track EP "A Swamp", which was followed by the 2019 EP "Living Dead", and 2020's "Vultures". Finally released in 2024 was the band's first full-length album "19 Dead" on Bat-Cave Productions - Available on all major streaming platforms.  







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