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The dots that completed "The Museum Of Human Happiness" and lead to The Legendary Pink Dots live show in Athens!

Well, today, Saturday, February 4th, 2023, there is one of those concerts that you might regret for a long time if you miss.

*Cover photo in article By Wavebender834 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

And you can say that you have seen And Also The Trees in one of the several times they have visited our country in the past, but still there are some really important reasons why you will see them again, in a text by Giorgos Georgiou, at 


But, beside that, the most important reason is that before And Also The Trees, you will live the unique experience of the music of the Anglo-Dutch experimentation of the amazing The Legendary Pink Dots.

The creation of Edward Ka-Spel and Phil Knight/The Silverman, which if you look for its roots you will go back, somewhere in the early 80's. A creation that is preserved over time by keeping solid and musical values as few people can. With a number of releases that even specialists and collectors have long lost/confused, since in those 40 years, The Legendary Pink Dots never stopped writing, whatever the circumstances. As an example, I will tell you that Rate Your Music has counted around 75 releases from the Anglo-Dutch.

With influences that take you easily from experimental, avant-garde, industrial to the psychedelic world of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma (their concert in Hyde Park was the first concert Phil Knight saw), I dare to say that if Syd Barrett wanted to go industrial with Pink Floyd, he 'd probably have written a lot of what you hear today in The Legendary Pink Dots. But the influences don't stop there, since you will hear in their music, elements from Skinny Puppy (mutual influence), David Bowie, The Residents and even some Marlene Dietrich.

In 2022 they released the incredible "The Museum Of Human Happiness" in which you will find everything I described above. From deep experimentation on the edge of avant-garde rock, to the gloomy paths of experimental dark wave and to electronic pop lines that glances back at the most industrial moments of the past.

"The Museum of The Human Happiness" is an amazing piece of work that comes after the, quite, psychedelic "Angel In The Detail" and captures in it this whole dystopian situation that prevailed and prevails from 2020 onwards, with the pandemic and the isolation of everything.
After all "The Museum of The Human Happiness" began to take shape on The Legendary Pink Dots's 40th anniversary tour, but that ended with the world terrified by the Covid onslaught and the band splitting between Holland and England, ending the album with the help of technology and cyberspace.

So with all these reasons described above and in our last article for And Also The Trees, I believe that this concert is of those that should not be missed!

The Legendary Pink Dots current members are Edward Ka-Spel - voice, keyboards, Phil Knight - keyboards, devices, Erik Drost - guitars and  Joep Hendrikx - sound devices!

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/701663727571995/


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