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Death Disco Open Air Festival 2023 - First bands announced - Sisters Of Mercy, She Past Away, Absolute Body Control, Mecano | 22-23 July 2023

On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July 2023, Death Disco is organizing the first Greek post punk / synthpop / darkwave festival in Technopolis - City of Athens.

Dates: Saturday July 22 & Sunday July 23 2023

Event: Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival 2023

Venue: Technopolis City of Athens





More bands to be announced, stay tuned!

2 days, 2 stages, 14 bands!

Pre-sales are on!

With only three regular albums to their credit, for more than 40 years they have been considered one of the most important - counted on the fingers of one hand - bands of the post-punk scene. After last year's excellent performances in Crete and Thessaloniki, The Sisters of Mercy are coming to Athens this year to prove to us that they are going through one of the best phases of their turbulent career. Temple of Love, Μore, Alice, Lucretia (my reflection), Dominion / Mother Russia, Vision Thing, This Corrosion and so many other old ones that together with their new songs, and of course the mythical figure of Andrew Eldritch on stage, will set Technopolis City of Athens on fire. The first Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival has on its marquee the heavy and unassuming name of The Sisters of Mercy and that alone is enough to make us very, very proud.
There aren't many modern bands that came out after the 80's and are qualified to play ball in the first national darkwave category. She Past Away is one of them. Being in the power of "our" Fabrika Records, they have been walking their own path since 2006 and with their gothic sound perfectly worked to the last detail as well as the characteristic vocals in the Turkish language, in just a few years they managed to acquire millions of fans around the world. And they deserve it even more.
They started in Belgium in 1980 influenced by D.A.F. and Suicide and since then they are considered one of the cornerstones of the minimal synth edifice which, although it didn't get the recognition it deserved at the time, came at some point the era of recognition. Led by the versatile Dirk Ivens (Dive, Sonar, Klinik) and their quiver full of catchy synth-pop songs based on the very simple rule of not consisting of more than four sounds, they are coming to Greece for the first time for a concert that we have been waiting for decades.
With the painter, poet, revolutionary and incurable romantic Dirk Polak as their eternal guide, Mecano is one of the most special stories in our beloved music. Their cult status among old "freaks" of our country, but also among fanatical collectors and music lovers everywhere, takes mythical proportions. Starting from punk rock on their first release, they have since established themselves as one of the most beloved hidden gems in a narrow circle of people, thanks to their unique blend of post-punk, art punk, new wave and art pop of the following years. At the Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival, Dirk Polak returns as Mecano Un.Ltd and reassembles Mecano's tracks (Links, Untitled, Escape the Human Myth etc) on stage.
2 days, 2 stages, 14 bands!
Ticket pre sales are on!
Technopolis City of Athens:
100 Piraeus st., 118 54 Gazi - Athens
Τel: (+30) 213 0109300, 213 0109324
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
How to get there:
By metro - line 3 (Blue line): Kerameikos station
By trolley: No. 21 (from Omonoia station), Fotaerio Stop
By bus: No. 049, 815, 838, 914, Β18, Γ18, Fotaerio Stop
Two-day early bird tickets are already on sale in the viva network:

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