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Dark Malta Festival 2020 | More line-up announcements.

Dark Malta Festival announces new bands for 2020.

Dark Malta Festival organizers have been really busy these days.

The beautiful festival in Southern Europe is growing bigger everyday. 2020 is going to be really excited as the bands already announced will form a great line-up for a gothic rock/metal, dark wave, dark electro event.

During last days 8 more bands have been announced for Dark Malta Festival 2020 and you will find the right here...

Headliners for Saturday, April 20th and for Dark Malta Festival 2020 announced and it will be Covenant! Together with the Swedish EBM/electro legends another band straight out from industrial's history, Leather Strip. Added to those names, there are The Arch, Solar Fake, Pretty Addicted, Die Kur, Vlad In Tears and Cyberia.

"...Headlining the Dark Malta Festival 2020 Stage will be one of the bands that wrote the History of Industrial Music..."

"...another Industrial Legendary Act that will Rock the Maltese Islands and Dark Malta Festival 2020 for the First Time .... Leaether Strip ...."

"... the next band for Dark Malta Festival 2020 ... The Arch have been rocking with their unique sound from 1986 and played in all the mayor festivals all around Europe ... "

"...We are very proud another first for Dark Malta Festival 2020 ...Synth Pop Legends Solar Fake..."

"...... Imagine a Mixture of Rave, Punk, Goth, Metal and Electro in one whole show. We are very proud to announce you directly from the UK .. Pretty Addicted....."

".... Directly from London we are very happy to announce Die Kur .... With their Industrial Metal Sound they will rock the Dark Malta Festival 2020 on Friday 17th April ...."

" ... Directly From Italy we are proud to announce Vlad In Tears .... Their Dark Influenced Music will Rock the Dark Malta Festival 2020 stage on Friday 17th April ...."

"...This time another Band from Malta ... Malta's only Industrial Live Band ... After a 2 year break, Cyberia are back and will opening the stage on Saturday..."

Dark Malta Festival 2020 line-up so far is:

Covenant, Mono Inc, Nachtmahr, She Past Away, Leather Strip, Solar Fake, The Arch, Pretty Addicted, Die Kur, Pilgrimage, Vlad In Tears, Cyberia 

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements, here....




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