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Dark Mad Festival - 25th, 26th of October 2019 - 30 bands

Dark Mad Festival takes place in Madrid, in October 2019, presenting 30 bands!

A really interesting festival will take place next October in Madrid, Spain.

Dark Mad seems to be an amazing choice for the electro, industrial, gothic and dark wave fans, not only from Spain but even from abroad.

And someone can understand this when he/she sees the confirmed line up of the event, including 30 bands, major and legendary acts of the dark scene and genre!

With the mighty Fields of the Nephilim and the masters of electro Covenant, headlining the festival and the legendary Apoptygma Berzerk and Lords of Acid in co-headliners positions, anyone can understand that it will be an event, really equal to the major summer dark wave and industrial festivals around the globe.

Line-up also includes some really "hot" names of the genre, like Kirlian Camera, She Past Away, Signal Out 42, Ancient Methods, The Cassandra Complex, A Split Second and many more. Take a look in the picture below to see full list of bands, or visit www.darkmad,es to get all details for this really good event.

Tickets are now on a price of 55 euros for both days, while you can find some additional options.

Additionally, there is currently a contest running whith the winners giveaway to be the festival's official t-shirt! Just follow instructions on DarkMad's facebook post in order to participate and be one of the winners!



Stay tuned in ElektroSpank | FMA for more info on Dark Mad Festival. Also, visit the official pages of the organizers to get all the details.







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