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UPDATE! Will Priest continue? Mercury and Sulphur are not in the band anymore...

Priest fans are really sad about these bad news...

UPDATE from Priest Social Profiles

Seems that Priest will continue with a new line-up. From what the band says, their forthcoming performance in E-tropolis Festival is confirmed (16/3/2019) and with a new overall setup. Check the posts from Priest's Facebook and Instagram profiles:

Priest Facebook



Priest Instagram

Priest has been one of the most promising band in dark electro, electro/synth pop scene lately. With a unique profile and great live performances have gained a lot of attention and their fans were increasing dramatically.

However there seems to be something happening inside the band that lead to the following announcement from one of the band members...

"ginger_khan_It is with a heavy heart that I hereby announce that I'm no longer playing the character known as "Mercury" in the band Priest.

For personal reasons, the original group has broken up, with both me and the man behind the character of "Sulfur" choosing to take different paths in the world of music and art.

The years with Priest were truly amazing, and I'll cherish the memories and experiences for life.

In the moment of writing, I'm declining all interviews and questions regarding further details into this matter.

To the fans, thank you so much for your undying love and support! You are the reason to why all of this was made possible, and I stand in awe of your burning passion. For those of you wanting to follow Priest in the band’s future exploits, you shall not be disappointed.

To my band brothers, it's been an honor to serve with you, the crew, and all others who aided our journey over the years.

Priest will be releasing its upcoming EP "Obey" on March the 29th. I could not be more proud to be a part of it. Thank you, humans, for listening to my sermon."

The above announcement was posted in his instagram account, while few hours later there was a post in Priest's facebook page saying:


There has been a crash but we're up and running again.



All we can do for now is to wait for another announcement from the band or a press release on this issue.

Stay tuned.

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