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Electro/Industrial legend Bill Leeb releases first single "Terror Forms" feat. Shannon Hemmett

First single from Bill Leeb's upcoming solo album, "Model Kollapse" is out, featuring Shannon Hemmett of ACTORS!

Bill Leeb is the mastermind behind electro-industrial scene pioneers Front Line Assembly and dance, ambient-pop duo Delerium, as well as a key member of recording projects that include Noise Unit, Intermix and Cyberaktif. This year marks Bill Leeb's first solo work since the mid-80's, when he started creating the world of Front Line Assembly. Almost four decades on, his new album, "Model Kollapse" was recorded and produced in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles with assistance from production duo Dream Bullet and long-term recording cohort Rhys Fulber, plus regular mixing engineer Greg Reely.

The first single from the album is ‘Terror Forms’, which features Shannon Hemmett of the group ACTORS, who are also based in Leeb’s home city. An insistent rhythm and pulsing bassline lay the foundation for a lyric that imagines a nihilistic future.

"Terror Forms feat Shannon Hemmett" is an electronic, industrial song where melodies are turning completely danceable, and Bill Leeb blends the post-punk, electronic dance music influences he carries since his first releases including D.A.F., Front 242 or even Skinny Puppy, of whom Leeb was an original member. "Terror Forms" is Bill Leeb expanding Front Line Assembly adding new elements, inspired by latter day artists such as Gesaffelstein and ADULT., plus much of what has in recent years become known as darkwave.

The term used in album title  refers to a phenomena in artificial intelligence where trained models, especially those relying on synthetic data or AI-generated data, eventually degrade over time. Leeb posits the notion that “as we forge forward on an unprecedented technological scale, it makes me wonder how much longer we can remain in control of various aspects of our lives. Automation has already taken over many industries. With technology running much of the world, will the entire planet eventually be vulnerable to a Model Kollapse? Chaos would surely ensue.”

Leeb also acknowledges the role that Metropolis Records has played in his recording career since the late 1990s, stating that the company “is one of the most important for alternative music on the planet. This album was made possible by my long-term friendship with label boss Dave Heckman, who continually supported my projects, allowing complete artistic freedom.” Heckman died in the summer of 2022.

"Model Kollapsw" is coming out on September 13th, 2024, via Metropolis Records.

1  Demons
2  Exotic Matter
3  Neuromotive
4  Folded Hands
5  Pinned Down
6  Terror Forms
7  Muted Obsessions
8  Simulation
9  Infernum
10  Erosion Through Time
11  Sound Mirrors

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