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The Ultimate Dreamers releases new single, "Polarized"!

The Ultimate Dreamers return with a new single, titled "Polarized", coming out on September 12th and preceding the forthcoming EP!

Formed back in 1986, the Brussels based four-piece band, released their first album, "Live Happily While Waiting For Death", a year ago, in 2021, including 11 tracks resurfaced by Wool-E-Discs. 

Now, a year later, The Ultimate Dreamers are back with a, completely, new song, coming out in the form of a single. "Polarized" is the title of the new song, coming out with the new version of their underground hit, "I Love You?!", as a b-side, while the digital version includes a remix of "I Love Yo?" by Len Lemeire, titled "Implant Loved You?!".

"Polarized" balances between darkness and light. Strong basslines and sharp guitar riffs build the dark, post-punk ambience while melody gives the cold wave tone. A dark wave track with a danceable beat and a catchy arrangement. "Polarized" is looking back to its 80's roots with an eye of the new wave of post-punk. The "I Love You?!" b-side version gives a new power to the opening track of their 2021's album, going deeper into the electronic and new wave side of their music. Lem Lemeire gives a new dimension to the "I Love You?" with the "Implant Loved You?!", sending signs of Implant, 32crash and his influences.

Lee Lemeire (Implant, 32crash, Anne Clark) has done the production for "Polarized, the video which illustrates the cynicism developed by the quartet was directed by Thomas De Moor.

"Polarized" is out on September 12th (digital) and October 15th (vinyl), via Komakino Records.

The Ultimate Dreamers are Bertrand on guitar, Frédéric on vocals and Joël on bass with Sandrine, a classical musician, on keyboards and cello.







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