Black Tape For A Blue Girl to reissue "Chaos Of Desire" through Kickstarter Campaign!

Less than a week left to show your support to the iconic dark ethereal, gothic act Black Tape For A Blue Girl!

Black Tape For A Blue Girl reissues the amazing "Chaos Of Desire" full length album, originally released in 1991. Sam Rosenthal has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter in order to release the remastered edition of the band's 4th full length album which will be out in three formats, a 140-gram 2-color vinyl 2LP, the CD, and a MiniDisc.

For these last days of the campaign, Sam Rosenthal released a new video(the 2nd) from the "Chaos Of Desire", for the instrumental, ethereal, dark ambient, "Beneath The Icy Floe".

Sam comments on the video: I've always thought of this song as a passage through the shamanic death & rebirth initiation; it was cool to find a cinematographer with footage that captured this idea, and then edit it into something that creates the experimental narrative I imagined. Watch it on your big screen. It's gorgeous."

Martin Bowes of Attrition's remastering reveals a new shine upon "Chaos Of Desire" ' dark beauty. It's a realm of memory, fear and desire set upon dense electronics confronting pained emotions. Oscar Herrera’s intense, searing vocals and Julianna Town’s sensitive siren song are complemented by Vicki Richards’ sinewy violin.

"There’s a new shine upon Chaos’ dark existential beauty. On its 31st anniversary remaster, the ethereal gothic ambience of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 1991 fourth album swims in a sea of memory, a heart filled with pain and despondent hope. These 12 existential tales inhabit a chaotic realm of memory, fear and desire set upon dense electronics confronting pained emotions. Oscar Herrera’s intense, searing vocals and Julianna Town’s sensitive siren song are strongly complemented by Vicki Richards’ sinewy violin. Throughout it all, songwriter and band leader Sam Rosenthal stirs up a brooding undertone of electronics, expressing the stages of desire and despair.

Remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition, the digital release is a 30-track deluxe edition with the full album, six of-the-era or modern alternate mixes, and the entire album in instrumental demo form.

Backing this campaign is like preordering and a lot like being a patron of the arts."

Sam Rosenthal about "Chaos Of Desire" reissue crowdfunding: "Looking at my old cassettes, I see I began writing and recording a chaos of desire in late-April of 1989. I mixed the album a year later in May & June of 1990. I must admit I was pretty ambivalent about my mix; I was feeling angsty and moody, unhappy with it. I was working a lot of freelance computer graphics at the time, busy and often out of town. I set the mixes aside for four months. When I came back to them I felt it was the best I could do with the equipment and skills I had. There were EQ issues that we didn't resolve during the CD mastering; while I've always loved the depth and darkness of this album, I felt it could sound better than the CD & Cassette I released in 1991. It's been great working with Martin to create this more pleasant, better compressed remastered edition for all of you."

Press here for "Chaos Of Desire" Kickstarter campaign.

BlackTape is an American goth / ethereal / neo-classical band that I (Sam) started in 1986. They released 13 studio albums over the last 36 years and performed 149 shows!



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