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"Discosok" single from "Burn Out One" short film soundtrack by Juul J. J. Verschraegen & Fenne Kuppens

Seven tracks reconfigured and decomposed from the short film "Burn Out One" by Juul J. J. Verschaegen, with words and vocals from Fenne Kuppens. 

Another great effort and result from Belgium based Sentimental Records and the talented front woman of the Whispering Sons, Fenne Kuppens. An experimental, industrial, avant garde mixture of sounds with the words and lyrics by the charismatic artist. "Discosok" is out, and it is definitely a really promising first sample, out of the "Burn Out One" original score, coming out on April 17th.
"Burn Out One" is an experimental short film by Rik Chaubet, who already made videoclips for bands such as Fornet, Hypochristmutreefuzz and 30,000 Monkies. Driven by the desire to experiment and a curiosity for the unexpected, the director turned to multi-instrumentalist Juul J. J. Verschraegen (épong) and singer/lyricist Fenne Kuppens (Whispering Sons) for the soundtrack of his film. With little more in common except Brussels as their base, the collaboration became one of unpredictability. This resulted in seven tracks, bundled as an EP, that demonstrate a playful creativity through which the limits of what film music can be are explored, stretched and flouted. The EP will be released as a limited cassette edition on 17 April 2020.

Leading up to the full EP, two tracks will be released together with videoclips based on the original short film. The first one, 'Discosok', is out today. Watch the video below! All photos in the video were made by Melvin Podolski.
The video was premiered by Focus Knack.
"Burn Out One" is a story which takes place in Brussels, 2019. While the world seems to be at the verge of destruction, a young super hero struggles with the responsibilities that come with having super powers. Once he decides to accept who he is, and put his powers to use, he finds out that fighting evil is harder than expected.

If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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