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ElektroSpank Radio Show is back after 9 years!

ElektroSpank Radio Show returns online at DarkWaveRadio.net

We are thrilled to announce that ElektroSpank | FMA will be back on web radio show after almost 9 years. 

I have said before, that 2020 brings many great things to our webzine. After the announcement of several collaborations, here is our new task. We are going back online with a radio show. We are really happy to join hands with Dark Wave Radio, https://www.darkwaveradio.net.

Darkwave Radio is an Underworld & Gothic Community with 24/7 Non Stop Broadcasting, Variety of Dark Music & Radio Shows since 2009.

After a long time of collaboration and friendship with the people behind this effort, this relationship brought the rebirth of ElektroSpank Radio Show. Our show will be on air every Wednesday, 18:00 - 20:00 EET  (UTC/GMT +2 hours ).

Genres you will listen to our shows are many. Since we love any kind of music that creates strong feelings and emotions, there will be many different kind of beautiful music. As a reference you can see a list of genres here. Dark Wave, Dark Electro, Cold Wave, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Industrial, EBM, Dark Rock, Noise Rock, SynthPop, Synth Wave ,Post Rock, Alternative. 

There are also planned many special shows with tributes or special guests. More to be announced.

At this time just be sure we are going to fill your Wednesday's evenings with beautiful music, feelings and atmosphere.






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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ElektroSpank FMA is an online music magazine about the darkest side of our lives.

We write about Gothic, industrial, dark wave and all of their sub genres. ElektroSpank FMA is not only about music, but for the dark, Gothic lifestyle as well. We try to support the music and scenes we love. For those who have never heard about ElektroSpank before please visit our about page for more info and history.

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