New Rotting Christ video "Heaven and Hell and Fire".

A new lyric video is released from Rotting Christ for "Heaven and Hell and Fire".

"Heaven and Hell and Fire" is taken from the upcoming album of the Greek metal pioneers band, Rooting Christ. New album will be released on February 15th, 2019 with the title "The Heretics". First single "Fire, God and Fear" was released earlier this year with another video. With two songs out form "The Heretics" someone can see a more melodic mood in the compositions,

"Heaven and Hell and Fire" begins with a quite from the famous British poet John Milto, "The mind is universe and can make a heaven of hell a hell of heaven". You can watch the video below:


Track listing:

01. In The Name of God
02. Vetry Zlye (Ветры злые)
03. Heaven and Hell and Fire
04. Hallowed Be Thy Name
05. Dies Irae
06. I Believe (ΠΙΣΤΕΥΩ)
07. Fire God And Fear
08. The Voice of the Universe
09. The New Messiah
10. The Raven


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