S Y Z Y G Y X released The Graveyard Compilation!

"The Graveyard Compilation" from S Y Z Y G Y X and Cold Transmission, is out!

S Y Z Y G Y X, the eminent duo from Washington DC, US released a special compilation on May 15th.

"The Graveyard Compilation" includes songs from the latest releases of the duo, 2 EPs and a full length album. More specifically the compilation has 7 songs from "Is That All There Is", 5 songs from "Encounters" EP and 2 songs from "Broken Mirrors" EP.

S Y Z Y G Y X are Luna Blanc and Josh Clark and their sound is a dark wave, post-punk combined with dark synths and basslines in a form of retro-punk.

"The Graveyard Compilation" can be purchased through the band's bandcamp page (link below)

"S Y Z Y G Y X and Cold Transmission worked together to come up with the perfect compilation for this CD (it was tough to only choose 16 songs!).
All songs in this CD have been remastered, and some songs even have a few new sounds, which makes this CD basically: exclusive.

The CD has songs from Broken Mirrors EP (Burning Grave Records), Encounters EP (Cold Transmission), and Is That All There Is (Burning Grave Records).

Only available through Cold Transmission Music while supplies last.

All songs are original composition by Luna Blanc and Josh Clark.
All songs have been produced, mastered and re-mastered by Luna Blanc and Josh Clark.
All sounds have been composed by either Luna Blanc or Josh Clark, equally.

Art by Henry Rudisill and Yvonne Kiel"








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