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Interview with Priest, electro / synth-pop band from Sweden

Swedish electro/synthpop band Priest will perform live on stage in Second Skin, Athens and ElektroSpank | FMA had a chat with the band. Go ahead and read our discussion and make sure that you wont'miss their show.

Priest are the new dark electro icons and we should keep that in mind. The Swedish trio has already cause a great impact in dark electro / synth-pop scene with their appearances and the first full length release "New Flesh" back in 2017. If you haven't heard of them you must do so, now. Along with their inspirational songwriting they seem to have everything a musician and a band needs in order to become a great act. With the experience of two ex-GHOST members, Alpha and Airghul, and the mysticism they have in their image, Priest quickly came to prominence after the release of "New Flesh". 

"New Flesh". in my opinion, is probably one of the greatest synth/electro-pop releases in the last two years. Compact compositions, catchy synths, dark melodies and vocals while a number of influences, like Depeche Mode, are obvious. 

Greek audience and dark electro fans will have the chance to see Priest performing live on Second Skin's stage, on Saturday, February 9th, along with two great local bands, Our Banshee and Night Haze. I consider this concert as one of the shows that many of us will talk about after some years, the time when Priest will be a top name and a great band.

ElektroSpank | FMA along with George Fakinos's assistance talked with Priest and the result is great. Read below what the band told us for their music... 

ES: Although it's been two years from your first release, could you introduce yourselves and the band to our readers?

Priest: Hi, thank you for having us. We are a 3 piece electronic act from Sweden that makes pop songs as well as darker tunes. We believe in the merging between man and machine and mix such themes with real human emotions thus creating a world we think you want to dwell in.

ES: What is the story behind the "Priest", the band and its members? How did you come up with "Priest" as the name?

Priest: One of the members lived in Berlin in 2011 and was mostly enjoying the night life there. The concept and band name was created but the band was assembled a couple of years later in Stockholm. When we had a couple of songs ready, we contacted Alpha (ex-Ghost) who said yes to produce our first album "New Flesh".

ES: There are strong electro and synth elements in your songs and a dark feeling and mood. Which are your influences music-wise and lyric-wise?

Priest: New Flesh is a trip through our childhood and adolescent years as humans. We wanted to revisit the music we grew up with and still love but put a slightly newer touch to it although we used a lot of old synthesizers and drum machines to get the right sound. You can hear influences from Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy and Nitzer Ebb among others.

ES: "New flesh" was widely accepted and received great reviews and feedback from media and the audience. Did you expect this, back in 2017?

Priest: You can never know for sure, but we had a feeling that many people may like it because it carries a wide range of moods and styles. Many people love the album but have different favorite tracks depending on what genres they usually listen to. We wanted the debut to be that way and we are very happy with the reception.

ES: There is a new release coming up in March, an EP called "Obey". Can you tell us something about it? Are you going to play something out of it on Second Skin's stage, in Athens?

Priest: Obey shows a darker side of the bands capacity and explores themes such as loss, comfort in promiscuity and emotional growth. The listener may feel like a voyeur in a dungeon in some moments, but its also rejuvenating and energizing. Yes, we will play a song called "Neuromancer" and a Radiohead cover that's on the EP.

ES: You will perform live in Second Skin, Athens on Saturday, February 9th. Which are the future plans for "Priest" along with the release of "Obey"?

Priest: Yes, and we're very excited! The plans at the moment are to play a couple of festivals and a UK/European tour as opening act for Aesthetic Perfection. There will also be a video out soon.

ES: Would you like to tell something more to our readers and to Greek fans?

Priest: Since you brought us the dawn of western civilization, we want to give you the dawn of the new evolution. Resistance is futile - join the prophecy!

Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you on Second Skin's stage.

The Cross - Official video:


The Pit - Official video





Priest live at Second Skin Club

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