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Soviet Soviet,when the fate is written then the art punk keeps the darkness alive | Interview

Soviet Soviet returns to Athens to give another amazing concert, while Death Disco Mini Fest goes to Gagarin 205!

Τhose, who are fans of post punk, they definitely know the Italian band, Soviet Soviet. The three guys from Pesaro give life in their vision and they surprised us with their first album ''Summer Jesus''released in 2011.The immediacy of Soviet Soviet live shows would then be recorded in studio with a meticulous works that would lead to the birth of their debut album,"Fate". The album was released on November 11, 2013, and in 2016 the Italians released the album ''Endless''. Between the releases, a huge number of concerts started they were immediately connected with the people and quickly adored.

Soviet Soviet is Alessandro Constantini (guitar), Andrea Giometti (bass, vocals) & Alessandro Ferri (drums).

I had seen them in their last concert in Death Disco on December 2014 and I really feel satisfied from what I had listen. It was a full concert, with atmospheric disposition, sharp guitars and bass, vocal effect with depth, drums stability and the songs one by one driven you in a chaotic melodic dimension.

Soviet Soviet play more than just a post punk tune, and you'll have the chance to find out how they can transform on stage, on Saturday, February 8th.

ES: Hello Soviet Soviet. I would like to thank you for this interview. Would you like to tell us a few words about you? Would you like to introduce yourselves and your band?

Soviet Soviet: Hi, thank you for this chance. We are Soviet Soviet, we are Andrea, Matteo and Alessandro. We are three friends and we love to play together. We play post punk, shoegaze, noise etc etc...we don't know exactly because we don't like labels and categories about our music.

ES: What emotions did you guys gain from the last gig you gave in Athens? How do you feel coming again in Greece?

Soviet Soviet: Last time was amazing! We love Greek fans! We always have a beautiful feedback from the audience and it's awesome. We are super happy to come back again in Athens.

ES: What is your opinion about the Greek audience? Would you say there are differences compared to other countries?

Soviet Soviet: Ahahaha I have already replied in the previous question about the audience. We love greek audience and it's amazing! We don't know the differences but we know that the greek fans are amazing!

ES: A successful band is based on the chemistry that its members have. It seems that you are a band that has succeeded as far now. How do you manage to achieve this and make it happen?

Soviet Soviet: We think that the key is the love for the music. We are friends and it's super important for the chemistry because we can understand each other only from the looks. Play is fun and we love to play live!

ES: Who makes decisions in the band? Would you say there are any conflicts? Is it a teamwork?

Soviet Soviet: Yes, it's a great teamwork. We take all the decisions together. It's the only way to play together in our opinion. We are a band and we are a team too.

ES: You have write three albums and a few EPs, all are really great and someone will find it hard to tell which one is better than the other. Have you chosen one as your favourite? Which one is this and what made you choose it?

Soviet Soviet: We don't know...our albums are our sons and we can't choose the favourite one ahah. Every album or eps have been done in different moments of our life, they are different but we love them in the same way.

ES: Who writes the music and the lyrics and which are your sources of inspiration?

Soviet Soviet: Andrea is the singer and bass player. He writes the lyrics and he writes about his life, his moments and experiences that he lives.

ES: And now I would like you to tell me an experience of a tour trip you remember the most. Is there a story you will never forget?

Soviet Soviet: We have lot of experiences that we will never forget. Maybe I can tell you the first time that we played out of Italy. It was amazing. We played in Nice (France) with an other band (Frank, Just Frank) and the venues was full of people. It was like a dream for us.

ES: What can we expect from Soviet Soviet in the future? Any plans? A new album, perhaps?

Soviet Soviet: We are working on the new album. We are spending lot of hours in the rehearsal room and we are working on new tracks.

ΕS: So we come to the end of this lovely interview. Nice talking to you! We're looking forward to see you at the live show. Good luck and i wish you all the best! Would you like to say something else to our readers and music fans?

Soviet Soviet: We want to thank you for this interview! We want to thank you also to our readers and fans because if we can play our music around the world is because of them :) Thank you






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