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Acretongue - Ghost Nocturne

Acretongue - Ghost Nocturne

Dependent Records

February 2019

Acretongue is a dark electro project coming from South Africa.

"A ghost - Unknown
I'll stay my own
A ghost - Alone
I'll stay unknown"

From "Haven"


"Ghost Nocturne" is the second full-length album of the, South Africa based, Acretongue, coming out from Dependent Records, Actually is the third full album since Acretongue has self-released another album, "Nihil" before signing in Dependent Records.

"Ghost Nocturne" is definitely a sequel of Acretongue's previous release "Strange Cargo", although it took Nico J. seven years or even more to release it. 

However, it was absolutely worth waiting for. "Ghost Nocturne" is a masterpiece of hypnotic, dark electronic music. Without any hesitation I will put this release in the top of my relative list for 2019. Ghost Nocturne" to my ears has not any moment that would make me think to go forward to the next track. Even while listening to "Contra" which is quite different from the rest of the tracks, I want to listen to every second and beat of it!

"Ghost Nocturne" starts with the "Abacus".  This track is giving you the first picture of what will come next. You can understand that this album is going to put a mark on you.

And next is "Requiem". Perhaps the best track for many listeners. To me is another piece of this great puzzle of compositions. Atmospheric, dark and compact electro beats. "Ending's call" is next and the mood is getting darker. Lyrics perfectly combined with the atmosphere and music and you can feel that you are touching the deepest side of your dark electronic soul. There is a really sad melody coming out of this track...

"Nocturne I, Dawn Crimson" and "Nocturne II, The Drowning Hour" which comes later are two instrumental tracks with dark melodies and synths, perfectly bind and put among the rest of the tracks.

Following "Nocturne I, Dawn Crimson" there goes the "Contra". Another interesting track, perhaps the least dark moment of the album but still keeping an equal atmosphere to the rest of the tracks.

Next two tracks, "Nightrunner" and "Minutia's Curse" are exactly what you wanted to listen to as the album goes on. Dark ambient, hypnotic sounds and synths at its best. Both tracks are deeply emotional, taking you to a trip deeper into the darkness.

"Haven" is the closing track of this beautiful release and it is the one that will transform you to what Nico J. want. A Ghost Nocturnal...

Great album, full of dark melodies and an electronic sound that I haven't hear since many years now. Influenced by some great dark electro bands of previous decades, brings memories of ClockDVA and other similar bands. A really pleasant surprise for me, as I wasn't expecting such an impact. Along with the marvelous compositions, comes some really beautiful, dark lyrics, coming out from Nico's dark soul, while writing late at night. As I said before, one of the best releases for 2019. And I know we are still in February... Well done Acretongue. Thank you!






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