International EBM Day 242-2019 | EBM, Industrial mix

ElektoSpank | FMA mix, celebrating International EBM day 2019 (24/2).

EBM - Indusrtial anthems selected and mixed on the occasion of this day by Akill ElektroSpank (ElektroSpank | FMA - Online Music Magazine)



# Tracklist - International EBM Day 242-2019 | EBM, Industrial mix

1. Front 242 - Masterhit
2. A Split Second - Mambo Witch (12' mix)
3. Skinny Puppy - Testure (EP version)
4. X-Marks The Pedwalk - Interruption
5. Front Line Assembly - Provision (12' extended mix version)
6. Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant
7. Die Krupps - Metal Machine Music
8. And One - Over There
9. Lights Of Euphoria - Deal In Sex (Protection mix)
10. Leather Strip - Adrenaline Rush (Vegger Version)
11. Velvet Acid Christ - Fiction Fiction
12. D.A.F. - Der Mussolini (Conny Plank Mix)
13. Orange Sector - Kalt Wie Stahl (W.W.B.)

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