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Interview with Tomb of Love - Beautiful Gothic Rock from Brazil

Tomb of love is a new band coming from Brazil. Beautiful gothic rock sound with a taste of post-punk and even synthwave.

If you follow ElektroSpank|FMA you probably have seen our great interest in new bands and artists and in new efforts that is really worth to listen to.

Tomb of Love is definitely such a case. Tomb of Love is, perhaps, the newest band someone can listen to, since, they formed, almost, 2 months ago. Tomb of Love are Thiago Satyr and Luan Lima. They both have a history in creating music since they are known for their work on extreme metal, doom metal and crust bands (i.e.: Beast Conjurator, Subterror, Kurgan, Burial Temple, Witching Altar and Absent).

As the band says "Regardless their metallic roots, the duo always liked to wallow in the midst of the gloomy-yet-electric swamps of Goth Rock, Post-Punk and Deathrock. Influenced by great names of the genre, both 80's classics as well as newer acts, Tomb of Love is their first experience producing such kind of dark music."

What I can say is that Tomb of Love can create great music, influenced by the legends of goth rock and post-punk/dark wave and their sound includes "ingredients" that can make them differ and be unique. Their music is a combination of pure gothic rock with even minimal synth elements. Just go to their bandcamp page (see info below) and listen to their brand new EP "A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure". 

You can listen to Dark wave, Dark Synth in "Ceiling Death", gothic rock influenced from Sisters of Mercy to Fields of The Nephilim in "What the Moon Brings" and  in "All those Pleasant Nights". There is a pure post-punk track like the "How Fools Love", which, as a friend of mine noticed, reminds the sound of Horror Vacui. And as an outro, Tomb of Love has created an ethereal dark wave/gothic track "The Loved Dead". Such interesting tunes combined in a beautiful way. Actually do not just listen to "A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" but go ahead and purchase it. Without hesitation.

All the tracks were recorded in home studios with the basic equipment. However their sound was quickly noticed and two contracts were offered for physical versions of the EP on professional K7 tape and CD.

I am really glad to present you the Tomb of Love. ElektroSpank | FMA spoke with Thiago Sartyr. A really interesting and enjoyable conversation about the two members, the Tomb of Love, their release and the music.

ES: Hello. I would like to say that I like your music and how gothic is your sound and  I am really happy that you 've given me the chance to introduce Tomb of Love to our readers. Would you like to tell us something about you? Please introduce yourselves and Tomb of Love.

Thiago Satyr: Hello Akill and ElektroSpank! Thank you for your interest in our music, for the compliments and for this interview.
"Tomb of Love" is a side-project created by me, Thiago, and my fellow Luan Lima in the first weeks of 2019. The intention behind this project is to explore the grayish taste of dark/gothic music. Since we are two long-time headbangers, all our bands and projects were always focused on more extreme kinds of music; for example, currently we also play together on a Death Metal act called "Burial Temple" and a Psychedelic Doom Metal band called "Absent", not to mention some other bands and projects of which we are also a part of.
Nevertheless, we’ve always liked the eerie vibes created by classic Goth bands, Deathrock, Darkwave, etc. So, the idea of making something in this particular area isn't that new, we just have not had the right opportunity to do so, until now.

ES: You 've said that this project is dedicated to Samuel Garrido. Can you tell us some things about that and also about Samuel?

Thiago Satyr: Samuel was a very special and dear friend of ours who decided to leave this world last year. His departure has been truly hurtful and took us into some really heavy contemplations about life and death. He was also a great drummer and band mate who shared some great years with Luan in the Crust/Stenchcore band "Subterror" and helped us build "Burial Temple", being our drummer until his death.
Samuel was also a grand connoisseur and big fan of Goth music, sharing dozens of bands with us. Our earliest plans of pursuing this sound also involved him, but unfortunately, we never had the chance to achieve this while he was still with us. So, everything we ever do with “Tomb of Love” will always have his essence imbued into it.

ES: What does "Tomb of Love" stands for? How did you end up with this name?

Thiago Satyr: Although some people may think it, the name has nothing to do with the Kenny Rogers' song "Tomb of the Unknown Love". Actually, I came up with this title years ago while reading about the history of the Taj Mahal, the 17th century sumptuous mighty palace built by the emperor Shah Jahan in India as a posthumous homage to his favorite wife, "Mumtaz Mahal". If we stop to think or research about it, there are thousands of "tombs of love" all over the globe; memorials erected in honor of death and passion. I think this is quite poetic, so I suggested it and we ended up by using the name on this project.
The name is also related to Thelema and the self-murdering of one's True Will, but that's a story for another time.

ES: The first album - EP, "A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" had been released this month. Can you give us some information for this release? What is it about?

Thiago Satyr: "A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" was recorded and produced during January and released on our Bandcamp on February 11. We didn't know for sure what would be the public reaction, so no further plans were made until the digital release. Fortunately, the reception (from both Metal and Goth audiences) has been really good, what ended up making possible 2 physical releases: limited pro-tape by London based label Audio Miasma and a pro-CD version by some Brazilian labels (soon to be announced).
As for the EP's "content", I think it's related, musically and lyrically speaking, to our current state of mind and spirit and our views about this world and its inhabitants.

ES: Was all this procedure of production, until the release, easy for you? How can someone find and purchase your album?

Thiago Satyr: It was really fast, not necessarily "easy", but certainly quick and fun.
It started on Luan's house, with just my (really basic) recording equipment, some Coke and rum on the fridge, and a few ideas for guitar riffs and drum beats. Within a few days we had all instruments properly recorded, and after that it was just me at my “home studio” recording the vocals and mixing the tracks. A few more days and I had everything mastered and ready to be published.
For now, the EP is only available for digital purchase on our Bandcamp page (www.tomboflove.bandcamp.com), but as I said, soon we will have K7 tape and CD versions. I'm not sure when they will be available, but people can stay tuned on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TombofLove93) for this kind of news.

ES: While I was listening to "A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" several familiar sounds from some great bands came in my mind. Sounds from gothic rock bands and even some post-punk elements. Can you tell us your influences? Which bands or artists do you get inspired from? Which are your inspirations lyric-wise?

Thiago Satyr: We appreciate a substantial variety of artists who deal with Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Dark Wave, Deathrock, Horror Punk and also Synthpop, Synthwave and Electronic Music. In Tomb of Love, specifically, I would emphasize the importance of bands such as Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Killing Joke, Christian Death, The Misfits, Beastmilk, Type O Negative and Plastic Noir.
Lyrically speaking, I like to explore themes related to dark feelings, non-conventional sexuality, obscure philosophy, occultism, mysticism and horror literature.

ES: Which will be the next steps for Tomb of Love? Are you preparing something else? Do you have any live performances scheduled?

Thiago Satyr: I think our main focus by now will be to promote this EP and take care of the details necessary for the production of its physical versions. After that, we have already decided to write new songs and record some new material this year, probably a full-length album. As for live performances, we are carefully discussing this possibility for a near future, but nothing can be done in that sense until the next semester, since we are already overwhelmed with our other bands’ activities for the next few months.

ES: What are you both, Luan and Thiago, doing in your free time apart from writing music. Do you listen to any other music? Which is your favorite bands lately?

Thiago Satyr: We have been friends and band mates for the past few years, living in the same city, so we are constantly hanging out together. We like to go out and have some beers, listen to music together, share new bands, as well as writing music for our other bands, rehearsing, going to gigs, spending time in the wild, smoking some joints and appreciating nice waterfalls. We’re quite simple dudes.
And yeah, we are always chasing new bands and forms of music. Lately I could say we have been listening a lot to Ritual Veil, new Ulver stuff, Aeon Sable, Molchat Doma, Omfalos, Priest, Cursed Moon, 45 Grave, Soviet Soviet, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, South Heights, The Candles Burning Blue, Beastmilk, Rope Sect, Naut, Tycho, Masquerade, and lots of Metal stuff.

ES: Would you like to share something else with us and our readers and Greek audience?

Thiago Satyr: I would like to say thanks to Achilleas/ElektroSpank for this really good interview, it was a pleasure. Also, thanks to everyone in beautiful Greece (and any other country) who might be reading this. We are very happy with all the support and will surely deliver more dark music really soon.

If anyone is interested in contacting us, just hit us up at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ES: Thank you very much. Looking forward to your hearing from you again. I wish you all the best.

Tomb of Love - "A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" EP (2019)





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