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Black Angel-The Black Rose | Review

 Black Angel-The Black Rose

April 2022


Diverse and impressive Goth sounds even for those who are hard to please.

Listening to the very first track on Black Angels very first album in 2019, initial thought was we have something really great here.It was quite a surprise when I realized this was a brand new band just releasing their debut album.Some artists mature gradually and bloom like flowers...In this case we already had a blossomed rose.The black rose, like the title of their latest album.Released on 1st April following Prince of Darkness another successful work of theirs.
Being quite productive, Matt Vowles and Cory Landis keep feeding our eagerness for their work and never let us down as their inspiration seems to be endless.
Wandering through Gothic, brilliant guitars sounds and luscious instrumentation in general, mostly inspired by the 80's classic Goth bands like The Cult and The Mission,they give us a diverse album of 9 tracks to satisfy each different mood and taste. Dreamy in parts in a Goth always way as you can't help it but lean back and drown in thoughts of pleasure , carried away by the nonchalant rhythms. However, expect to miss the dancefloor as some of the tracks will definitely take your feet off the ground. And this is what I felt about each track.

Album starts with "Breathe" a track about passion which is not only expressed through the lyrics, but the alluring tune as well intensified by the rhythmic drums sound. In case you wonder,yes it was inspired by The Mission. What comes next is "The Black Rose". Apparently the track which gave its name to the whole work.A man being tortured by his black rose,but what comes to our ears is a totally uplifting,danceable music.

"All Or Nothing" is the 3rd track of the Black Rose. Easy going tune about what actually matters in human relationships,but what captured me the most was of course the slick guitar sounds and the soaring vocals. A ballad follows "Take me down", slow and unwinding. Could be soundtrack of a drama romantic movie. Making music that "tingles" our senses seems to come naturally to Black Angel.This is once more proved in the third official video of the album for the track "Look Me In The Eye", combined with the usual dark and seductive aesthetics we've all loved.

"Sinner" a track about darkness comes as no surprise, matching in a great way black angel's style. Manheesha Jones vocals give an extra sensual tone to this sound of mystery. A musically playful but thematically sinister dark fairy tale comes right after, in "The Carnival Man" with the appropriate mystic and atmospheric sound to enhance the narration. One of my big time favourite tracks on the album is next."Intoxicated". It is the ultimate, powerful and danceable track that can make a heart flutter and ones feet unable to rest. Last but not least,"Battle Cry" .It belongs to the calmer sounds among the tracks. It's a piece of creation to make you feel and think due to its poetic lyrics about forever love.Inspired by another great band The Cult.







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