Video Premiere: BARA HARI releases new official video clip for "Hall Of Mirrors", on Friday, August 21st.

The dark theatrical project, BARA HARI, unveils the new official video for "Hall Of Mirrors", on Friday, August 21st!

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Suicide Commando releases limited Club-Single CD edition "Dein herz, meine gier/Bunkerb!tch"

Suicide Commando returns with a remake of a classic, a while before the "Mindstrip Redux" release!

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Deathline International releases a cover of the "Troops Of Tomorrow" featuring, among others, Jello Biafra and John Fryer!

Industrial Group Deathline International unleashes modern take on political anthem “Troops Of Tomorrow”!

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Video Premiere: Suffer Ring releases "Quarantine" official video!

Suffer Ring unveils first video single from their new album "Reverentia"!

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Video Premiere: DARK unveils new video single, "In The Dark You DIe".

DARK remains in darkness and unveils second single and official video!


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Hada releases debut album via Swiss Dark Nights

Gothic ambience and synth vibes, beautifully combined by HADA.

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