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LA dark synthpop artist CUFFED releases debut single "Possessed"

 The Los Angeles-based solo artist has just premiered single “POSSESSED”.

The first in a series of upcoming releases from CUFFED, via Dune Altar premiered Ghettoblaster Magazine and it will be on all streaming services this Friday. The brainchild of musical polymath Tyler “Fournames” Fortney, CUFFED is a project crafted to defy conformity while paying tribute to the soundtrack of his youth. Diving deep into a realm of his own creation, the native Angeleno combines elements of Depeche Mode, Killing Joke and Sisters of Mercy, processing these lifelong influences through his own lifetime of creation and sonic exploration.

"Possessed" is a song that is full of dark energy with catchy riffs and beats. Beautiful deep vocals completing the soundscape of this dark synth pop turning "Possessed" into a darkwave danceable club hit, blending the sounds of electronic goth and post-punk with some haunting synths melodies.


CUFFED’s upcoming debut single “POSSESSED" is more than just a blend of haunting melodies and pulsating synths; it's a form of therapy for this 20-year music veteran and first-time solo artist. Having spent his career working with notable artists The Neighbourhood, She Wants Revenge, Daniel Ash, Mark Hoppus, and Scarypoolparty among others, Fortney felt it was time to channel his inner demons into something raw and real. With his upcoming series of releases, CUFFED invites you to step into a world where nostalgia meets innovation, and where music is more than just a series of notes – it's an emotional journey, as he navigates the shadows of LA's underbelly, one synth-laden track at a time. "Possessed" captures the essence of the city after hours, as seen through the eyes of a night owl entranced by Los Angeles' chaotic and enigmatic dark side.

Out May 5th via eclectic LA record label DUNE ALTAR.









If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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