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2ND FACE release new single track "egoSpectre"

2ND FACE unveils new single "egoSpectre" taken from the bonus CD of forthcoming album "utOpium!

A few days left since the return of the industrial project 2ND FACE with the second full length album "utOpium",  out on May 12th, via Dependent Records and following their acclaimed debut album "Nemesis" in 2017. "egoSpectre" comes out of "utOpium" deluxe edition and the bonus disc and it is another piece of the mature progressive industrial of 2ND FACE's mastermind, the German music producer, Vincent Uhlig. "egoSpectre" is just pushing the limits of the project's sound even further, blending with finesse the elements of various forms of hard and dark electronic music, being old school industrial, techno arrangements and bass industrial powerful beats.

2ND FACE comment: "Our song 'egoSpectre' deals with the infinite solitude of an uncompromising, self-absorbed disposition", mastermind Vincent Uhlig writes. "The lyrics toy with the possibility of an evolutionary state of mind that is detached from empathy and society, a self-sufficient form of existence."

The sound of "utOpium" is equally transparent and detailed, yet at the same time aggressive and powerful, which perfectly fits the industrial genre that 2ND FACE operate in and push the limits. Uhlig has invested five years of blood, sweat, and tears into this monster of an album. His work displays an obvious respect for the history and tradition of the industrial scene. There are clear hints to the darkness of the Belgian school, but also notes of SKINNY PUPPY, and even a knife tip of avant-garde pioneers TOOL in the sound of 2ND FACE. At the same time, Uhlig steers his own course, which is for example manifesting in his use of an EMS Synthi AKS and PPG-300 modular system inherited from his father – the krautrock pioneer Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig (MURPHY BLEND, HANUMAN).

Lyrically, "utOpium" takes a deep dive through the human mind and embarks on a philosophical journey to self-awareness. 2ND FACE also hold a subtle mirror to society, which is fragmenting while collectively opting for (social) media self-hypnosis in the face of climate change and war.

2ND FACE were conceived by Vincent Uhlig in the German city of Mainz, capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate, in 2014. Following a string of five demos in the same year, a first self-released single entitled 'First of His Name' hit the streets in 2015, which captured the attention of Dependent. The 2017 debut full-length "Nemesis" out on the label was widely regarded as a "newcomer of the year". The album did not only receive much praise from critics but also sold particularly well, indicating that the fans fully agreed. With the EP "Nihilum" (2018), 2ND FACE confirmed their exceptional talent and status as fast-rising new stars on the industrial sky.

Vincent Uhlig – vocals, arrangements, sound design, lyrics
Maxagon – live drums
Martin Sane – live keyboard, vocoder







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