Anima Triste - Dark rock, post-punk that speaks to our heart | Interview

ElektroSpank presents the interesting chat we had with one of the best post-punk bands, not only in Greece. Read what Greg DiRt and Mad Sad told us about life, music and... humanity!!!

Agent Side Grinder - Back to electronic roots | Interview

"A/X" was long expected, since, apart from the already known hit-singles "Doppelganger" and "Stripdown" which are included in the album, "A/X" is the first full-length album recorded with the new singer of the band, Emanuel Astrom, on the vocals. We found ASG and Emanuel and we had this interesting chat.

Sediment Bruise. Melodic indie rock, with words talking about people in between uncertainties | Interview

Sediment Bruise told us about their music, the everyday life experiences that inspire them and their next live show in Athens!

Curse Mackey, Industrial sounds meets post-punk and ghosts of the future, past and present | Interview

Curse Mackey talks about this new album, the industrial and dark music, the unique experience he had with David J last minute call to fill in Peter Murphy and many more...

Ego Eris, post-punk and songs about life, death and everything in between - Interview

Ego Eris is a post-punk act coming from Brazil with the the darkest emotions.

Human, coldwave and gothic expressions of life experiences - Interview

Human is the band of Franck Liguabe. Read our interesting chat about music and how feelings and life experiences can be displayed in someone's music!

Convex Model, analogue modulation & synths - Inteview

With the use of this analogue equipment, instruments, modulation and synths Convex Model creates a beautiful dark minimalistic synthwave coming right back from the early years of Kraftwerk and the sound of late 70's and 80's bands. Read a really interesting chat with a band that recreates and redefines the sound of minimal synthwave.

Massive Ego, are back with a new "religion" - Inteview

Massive Ego is one of the bands that has a history in dark, electro-pop, EBM scene. Here in ElektroSpank | FMA we are really happy to have spoken to Massive Ego about the band, the new album "Church for the Malfunctioned" and the gothic style... Let's join then in their new church...

Goo Munday "Starts A Fire" with her filthy electro-punk!

Goo Munday is an Australian electro-punk, dark electronics, producer, artist who is taking care of every aspect of her art, from production, vocals, and mixing of all of her music, in conjunction with the editing, styling and directing her own music videos. I had the pleasure to chat with her for all music things...

WISBORG, a phenomenon in gothic rock scene!

WISBORG came out of nowhere in 2017. They moved really fast and released an amazing debut album in April 2018. Now, almost a year after, return with a second album "From The Cradle To The Coffin" and I had the pleasure to talk with the duo from Germany for their music and not only...

Antipole, a dark melancholic coldwave band from Norway

Antipole is coming from Norway and gives us a melodic dark coldwave sound. Antipole is the project of Karl Morten Dahl. We had the pleasure to speak with Karl who shared with us all the details of his music dream with Antipole, from the beginning until now.

Gothic rock from Brazil, Tomb of Love - Interview

Tomb of love is a new band coming from Brazil. Beautiful gothic rock sound with a taste of post-punk and even synthwave. ElektroSpank | FMA has the pleasure to introduce Tomb of Love through a really interesting conversation.

Whispering Sons Interview. Post-punk from Belgium.

Whispering Sons, a post-punk/dark wave band from Brussels, Belgium. ElektroSpank | FMA had an interisting chat with them, a few days before their live performance in Athens ( DeathDisco MiniFest 2K19).

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