NØIR, a dark-hued music project, balancing in the gothic and industrial sides of Athan Maroulis

Athan Maroulis, the man who's name is linked with major dark wave, industrial bands, like Spahn Ranch and Black Tape For A Blue Girl, talks about NØIR, their music, the influences in all those years of music and his point of view to new music things!

Blackline, an electro music collective blending electronic and EBM tunes | Interview

Blackline, the music project of Nitzer Ebb's members, Douglas J. McCarthy and Bon Harris, Cyrusrex and Ken "hiwatt" Marshall (Skinny puppy) talk about the music the past, the present and the future!

A Projection, an, in all senses, original post-punk band | Interview

One of the bands that is really in the front line of the post-punk revival is A Projection. A Projection are back with their third music chapter and we had a great chat about it!

Parzival, a martial industrial collective that dives into doom sounds | Interview

Spiritual tunes, martial industrial going into gothic lines and doom territories with beautiful arrangements and a deep voice. Parzival's members talk about their music, "The Golden Bough", and upcoming concert in Athens.

The Coventry, a post-punk act of coldness, darkness and passion | Interview

An Italian dark wave, post punk band with the power of a destroyer ship. The Coventry. The Coventry is one of this gems you sometimes come upon and you are certain that it is going to shine even more and for a long time.

Velvet Acid Christ - The goth side of industrial | Interview

One of the bands that really deserve a place in the history of dark electronic music and industrial is, the US based, Velvet Acid Christ. Velvet Acid Christ have made their name synonymous to haunting dark electro. An interesting chat with Bryan Erickson

Isolated Youth, a spiritual call to arms | Interview

Strong emotions, true feelings, enforced with how, exactly, today's youth feels, a unique fragile voice, all balanced upon some dark, post punk riffs, bass lines and drum rhythm. A form of post-punk equally balancing with a numerous other elements and genres.

The Cassandra Complex - The point where punk, gothic and industrial met | Interview

One of the bands that is a reference in electro, dark music is The Cassandra Complex. Starting back in mid 80's, The Cassandra Complex used their synths, their computers and their guitars, and create the music that themselves called punk with synthesizers.

Marva Von Theo - Cold, Love Dreams, through Dark Lyricism on jazz lines | Interview

When the dark feelings and synths meet some jazz vocals and gothic dreamy stories, then you have found Marva Von Theo. Read a beautiful conversation with the really interesting synth, electronic duo from Greece.

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